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What you get

Group coaching  with Tasha  via voice memos 

Food journal check overs from Tasha's team trained by her

How to build a meal plan video tutorial

Costco haul/grocery list
Free tasha cookbook (30+ recipes )

Additional 30+ signature Tasha recipes 

Fast/frozen items
Food journal checks

12 Tasha workout videos
How to eat in food court /drive thro
How to eat in restaurants
How to eat at parties /BBQ's

Simple /easy recipes 

How to stop stress / boredom eating

How to eat on vacation/travelling

How to deal with unsupportive people

How to de bloat

How to deal with digestion issues 

How to eat when your sick 

How to stay motivated

How to stop hitting snooze 

How to deal with chaotic weekends

How to stop stress eating

What to do when you feel like it's too hard 

What to do if you have digestion issues or chronic bloat

How to make your work place healthier 

What to do if you've gained weight out of no where

Supermodel Glam Photoshoot - The ultimate Makeover 

May substitute for credit toward services . Must be ok with photos on social media


Personal styling

Modelling lessons

1 look with high end edit 

Option to add on additional looks

Pay in full (1250.00 off)

Payment plan

*** We  can make a specialized bi-weekly payment plan for you **

15 bi-weekly payments of 350.00

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