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In this 1:1 package, you will learn how to connect with the right faces in right places so that you can also become your own PR person, landing brand endorsements, and get  sponsored. 

Endorsements , brand collabs & sponsorships  build collabs with aligned brands and start getting travel, clothing, beauty and product sponsorships. Personalized guidance on who to pitch , how to write a pitch and when to pitch it at the perfect time for the desired result.


Breakthrough & lock in   - Open the flood gates to accessing NEW clients , NEW money. Connect with the right people, in the right places at the right time and keep them coming back for more. Ride or die repeat clients in addition to new clients and higher price points.   

Create & Elevate - Create connections to other brands and influencers for more traffic, follows, shares and likes .Identify your target market and how to speak to them in ways that create tractions and engagement. Flaunt your way past stagnant audiences and appear on multiple platforms. have verified users interacting with and engaging on your content. 

Convert watchers to buyers: . Actionable & tangible steps to convert those watchers into buys and repeat store purchases/ enrollments. Create your own campaigns and start having waiting lists of people to get into your programs or buying your products for reoccuring and dependable income coming in from multiple income streams .

Content Review - What to put into your reels & bio for better connection. Brand marketing and clarity on what makes you special and unique. 

Mini Package

1x 60 min zoom call /month

2 x days/week rolling audio chat (voxer)


Premium Package 

3 x days/wk rolling audio chat with tasha for personalized daily guidance

1 x 60 min call /week for clarity, mindset & strategy



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