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Module 1 journal prompts


what does safety mean to you and how does it feel in your body


Have you created elements of foundation in life/marriage and business? If not how can you create more of this?


Is your focus fast money/results/growth now or longevity?


what do you relate neutral to? What impulsive thing do you do when your in it?


how do you react when you hit neutral (aka inbox empty, money not coming in)


what sabotaging thing do you do to create the high again?


Do you get turned off or annoyed by things/men easily and off your high?


Do all your choices involve keeping you on your edge?


Are you using your edge to apply constant pressure as a springboard?"


"Do you get bored of men/launches easily or get launch burnout and then disconnect?


what does long term commitment represent to you?"


Does safety and predictability make you feel trapped? Do you create fights because its better then feeling numb?


Do you avoid commitments and schedules?what things are you avoiding?


"Do you try to pressure your partner to be more driven? Why? What would this allow you to exhale?


Do you think men with standard jobs hold you back from travel and freedom?"


what do you want your man and business foundation to feel like?


can you allow your man to work hard without trying to compensate for him


"What would it feel like to have all your needs met automatically? What would that give you permission to do ?


Do you believe in people's capabilities to support you? If they could, what would it allow you to do ? how can you do that now?


How do you react to confrontation


"Do you forgive people and then brace yourself for the next betrayal? why?


Do you attract men and clients that you doubt they'll stick around? Why?


Do you put excessive drive or over nurturing into your work to distract from loneliness in other areas?


what doe safety mean to you and why are you not allowing it into your life and turning to sabatauge? What do you blame for the reason you feel alone?


Do you trust yourself to sense when things are off?


What do your boundaries protect you from?



How can you react to authority in a healthier way?


Do you chase love and likes or hide from it? Why?


Imagine the triggering situation and then tap into your blood (life force) what does it feel like energetically? 

Pull down, drain = good girl 

Adrenaline - bad girl 


Where are you still trying to prove, doing things in spite of or refusing just to make apoint? If there was nothing to prove, then what? Do you break rules just to prove you can ? Is this stemming from your parents?


Do you make it impossible to impress you ? this allows you to what? What do your boundaries protect you from ?


Can you sit in your annoyance and go deeper ? What’s it teaching you ?


When you view people as either incapable , or better then you  - what does this allow you to say about yourself?


Do  you prematurely cut people off or do you hang on too long?


What are you protecting yourself from when you shut down or disregard?


Challenge - make a post with the past amount of words possible. Be potent, clear and direct


Do you shrink down in one spot and then over compensate in another with food, or excessive drive in business etc ?


Does your beauty take  back seat? What takes the front seat ? why ?


Do you prefer to let others take the spotlight? Does this protect you from something?


Whats the vibration of your heart shield? The temperature and texture? Feel that vibration until it changes and keep feeling it until it feels good. Over and over 


Have people who you have loved, taken advantage of your money ? Are you shielding yourself still in love and business from being taken from? What are you worried will happen if people take from you ?


Does your man tell you hes not a mind reader and get irritated over your swerving or inability to ask ? Do you under - ask to avoid them not meeting your standards? Do you expect him to react like a woman ?


Whats the edgy thing you want to say?


What side of you do you view as most loveable? Do you only lead with that side of you ?


How many ways can you create safety and clarity with your audience ? offers and connections. 


What would you need in order to go into your conversations whole already?


Are you wanting to make impact but refusing others to impact you & bracing yourself for their reactions?


Is there anything in life you DO trust. What does that feel like in the body ?



How did you view your virginity?How about your period? What code was created in these times? ( womanhood is a burden , this is taking too long, etc) 


What type of guy was it & what was the environment? What does it represent to you ?


What was your soul craving from the sex? How is the effecting you today?



When was the first time you ever felt behind, ahead , or pressure over time?


Where are you lacking intimacy and/or efficiency ? 


Where do you become so focused on the goal or the intimacy that it takes away from the experience, not allowing people to be themselves? Whats your soul craving from the “goal”


What would be the dream to receive from intimacy ? whats your dream sex look like?


Whats the difference between your self pleasure experiences and with a partner ?


Ask your soul what it’s purpose is. Then go deeper and expand. 


What purpose do you attach to sex currently ? Assign money and sex an infusedor better purpose.


Whats your easiest place for you to lead? Your highest point of power. Sex, business, motherhood, friendship..


What would be the more vulnerable way?the harder thing your not willing to do 


Which side of you often gets disregarded? How can you own this part of you  more?


Do you use your body as a tool to connect or to shield?


When people leave your life, do you feel complete and satisfied ? If not, what did you not receive?


How can you beautify your life more?


How important is sponaneousness in sex ? and yearning ? 


How do you react during the yearning stage where your without the connection you yearn to have. Flirtatious or in lack ? Do you make the flirt seem bad ? get irritated in people inability to make decisions? Then push ?


ho w can you create flirtatious opportunities ?


Whats the impulse reaction or thought when the client or man seems interested?How do you react when your in doubt or your partner seems un-enthusiastic?


How long can you or do you hold the pressure before crumbling or exploding?


Do you like instant depth or like to pace it or avoid it?


DO you crave the depth or a good pounding so much that flirting annoys you ?


Does your need to break rules or overly follow them , get you making sabotaging choices?


When client dont choose you or the man doesn’t make the effort, what do you make it mean about you?


DO you impulsively take action in the high in order to get more high ?


Is alcohol sabotoging you ? What are you getting out of it and what are you avoiding ?


Make alist of the people who have taken from you and then general energy in which it happened . Tap into the experience from their perspective. 


Feel them taking from you inside your body and stay in it until it releases. 


Whats been missing in your satisfaction factor with launches and sex ? how can you create more of this? 


What things do you do out of obligation ? can they be delegated or left behind

Module 4 journal prompts


What do you find yourself fantasizing about and why ?


What are the key components that turn you on  in the fantasy ? How can you pull this into your life in a healthier way ?


What is your soul wanting out of the fantasy?


Where are you not receiving the fantasy in real life ?


Do you feel guilty about your fantasies ? why ? 



1- take yourself through a fantasy while bringing yourself to orgasm. 

2- record yourself doing soul fucking movements & then watch the video back and translate what your body is saying.


Are you afraid of what you may uncover? Are you willing to feel ?

What if there was nothing to fear ?


What would it feel like if you actually had a sex drive and WANTED sex?


What would be required you to want it ?

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