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 Cookbook & FB Subscription
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I’m so excited for you to try my cookbook. Inside you will also find a build your own meal plan template . This is where the magic of weight loss can happen. 




Use the link below to download your cookbook using the coupon code :freebook 




Also add yourself to this fb group where you’ll be able to post questions ,  food photos , progress photos and get inspired and motivated for your journey ! 


There is also photos of grocery /costco items in the Fb group under the albums section. Here you will also find frozen ideas for when your tight on time. 




I recommend you also do your measurements , weight and before photos and post them on the group to officially announce that your achieving your dream body!




If you would like to discontinue the fb group , you can do so anytime through your account. 




#giveusalltheabs !!!! WE"RE READY!!!




You will also receive 200.00 off any of the following programs starting sept 1 




4 week - Get started 


12 week - Transform


10 month - Become a naked goddess




You can view more info on these at the link below 

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