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Healing & Channeling Sessions

heal your soul & convert it to cash 

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Healing Sessions
60 min 1x1 zoom sessions

Body alchemizing & heart opening - get out of your head & into your body for faster results, instant shifts with immediate integration. No more self sabotage & disconnect. Open your heart to the dream man & dream bank account

Gifts & IT factor- focused on the specialty of YOU, your gifts and presenting them to the world. What's most relevant to get you where you want to be in business, bank account, body & relationships.

Actionable Steps- intuitive strategy & actionable steps to take with you & work on after each session.

Sex , money & men medicine- Heal your relationship with men, sex & money to receive in overflow.  Sexual awakenings, marriage & communication uplevels . Relationship & money longevity. Build safety & trust so that you can get the steamy & dreamy results. 

3 X 60 min sessions - 3333.00

12 X 60 min sessions- 5555.00 paid in full 

12 x monthly payments x 555.00

*includes exhale program  & can be rolled into private coaching

Email to purchase vis payment plan

Soul strategy sessions
60 min 1x1 zoom calls

Channel your offer- connect to your soul purpose & extract your IT factor into your offer


Structure & FLOW - Bring your souls FLOW to your offer with structure & clarity . Organize your downloads & thoughts into actionable steps & plans so that you have CONFIDENCE in your creation for easy sales.


Simplify & Amplify - Un-complicate it ! Increase profit margins & reduce overhead. Amplify the dreamy into overflow


Launch Strategy-Personalized launch strategy done pressure-free. More exposure & engagement


Longevity - create reccuring & passive income . Savings accounts stacking & numerous streams of income . Returning & long term ride or die clients.

1 x 60 min session - 1111.00

* can be rolled into private coaching or mastermind


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