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Psychic Healing

In Tasha's signature sessions, you will connect to the future version of you at your most healed, hottest, healthiest, happiest and richest self. We will then merge this version into your current self so that you can identify your next actionable steps to create what Tasha calls, your very own "stairway to heaven" where every day is a miracle.

Career & Finances


Heal your hidden money blocks and identify your souls next big steps for financial growth. Stop toxic spending patterns and attract more cash into your life. Stack your investments, break into new industries and create more income streams to fuel your life dreams. Reduce bills, overhead and debt for high profit margins and on financial success. Get your intuition 3 steps ahead of the game for focused & easy moves that get you to exactly where you want to be.

Spiritual Gifts & IT Factor

Learn how to command & direct your unique qualities and spiritual gifts in order to  heal stress, conflict and anxieties. Know what tools to use and actions to take in order to form action & change. Identify tangible steps for lasting results in your life. Lock in your unwavering resiliency so that you can thrive in your relationships, career and body. Leverage your IT factor & know the perfect time to lean forward and when to pull back. 

Sex, Relationships & Soulmates

Heal anything in the way of your next uplevel in love. Activate your next spiritual awakening for the steamiest sex of your life. Attract honest, pure & trustworthy soulmates who make your relationship a priority. Listen and communicate easily and actively for breakthroughs without blow ups. Bring the belly laughs and light hearted joy back to your home, relationships & love life. 

Prices & Packages


1 x 60 min session - 333.00


3 X 60 min sessions - 899.00

10 X 60 min sessions- 2200.00

*includes exhale program  

*payment plans available

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Terms & Conditions

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