Online Weight Loss Programs



You need this if

You want your  body back but better !
You want abs
Your sick of fiddle dicking around

You need it to be SIMPLE and easy
Want to debloat

You want to stop wearing yoga pants every day
You fall off the wagon on weekends
You need a plan
Your sick of hiding your stomach
You feel tired /low energy
You want to eat burgers ,nachos and muffins
You keep losing & gaining the same 10lbs
Your self conscious & hate shopping
You don’t believe compliments
You get cravings for chips or sweets

Tasha's online programs & why they're different
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Cookbook, Meal Plan  Template & Costco/Grocery haul list 
29 Family Friendly Recipes & FB group
Price = 35.00
Lose 20lbs in 4 weeks
Lose 20lbs in 4 Weeks
What you Get- Video Tutorial on
How to build a meal plan
Free cookbook 
15 bonus recipes /month
Costco haul/grocery list
Frozen options
How to eat in food courts & resteraunts
How to order in Drive thro
How to eat on nights
How to eat travelling & Airports
Workout Videos eaach month
Cancel anytime
Ultimate Transformation
Add photoshoot, 1:1 contact,  group chat & Bikini retreat 
 The Ultimate Transformation
Private Coaching - Rapid/Aggressive Fat Loss
Included Extras
Unlimited 1:1 Access to Tasha
Food journal checks
Group chat 
Heal your relationship with food 
Break toxic food patterns
Stop binge eating
Photoshoot & Modelling Lessons
Free Bikini Retreat at 10 months (See Tasha for details)