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        Naked in the New Year


What you get:

Video on how to build a meal plan
Costco haul/grocery list
Fast/frozen items
Free tasha cookbook (30+ recipes )

Access to Tasha in a private FB group
Tasha workout videos

Video tutorials on :

How to eat in airports
How to eat in food court /drive through
How to eat in restaurants
How to eat at parties /social stuff

How to eat on vacation 

How to debloat

How to stop self sabotage 

How to stop stress eating 

How to prevent /break plateaus 

How to stop missing workouts 

How to get motivated 

How to stop falling off the wagon



Q- What is the difference between Tasha's other programs & supermodel membership?

A-SUPERMODEL MEMBERSHIP gives you access to Tasha for questions via private fb group. FIT MOM gives you the FB group plus daily contact with Tasha for personalized 1:1 nutrition coaching , food journal check overs and working through any issues you have with food/stress eating and life.


Discontinue when you want

525.00 bi weekly
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