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Does Your Fat & Food Have a Spell On It? & How to Stop Self Sabotage

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

This park has actually become part of my morning routine, and it’s where I come to mediate , do Thai chi and receive tons of psychic downloads . After a big mediation here, I found myself recording episode 2 of my up and coming podcast with my miraculous revelations lol Episode 2 will cover spiritual eating and how certain foods can actually have spells inside them, which cause you to gain weight or stay fluffy according to your past experiences with it . Remember, food and eating is a ritual and a sacred ceremony and the energies connected to it, sync within our bodies and create patterns and spells depending on the emotions attached to it and even ancestral energy.

Carrots Can Be Poison

Your food can be used as medicine and it can also be used as poison. And the most fucked thing, is that healthy food can actually be poison depending on how we feel about it. For example, if I was a kid and my parents made me eat carrots every day as a punishment for being chubby, or they made me restrict and eat only certain foods, those foods will actually carry the poison and the spell of punishment, rejection and self hatred. Those foods would no longer represent health and self care or something I eat, enjoy and feel love for, they would be the actual opposite. Therefore, they will have a negative effect on me, even though they're considered "healthy" for my body, they will be toxic for my mind if I havn't healed the emotions they represent . It's your job to break the spell and neutralize it, otherwise it has power over me and can lead you to self sabotaging actions like eating crappy just to break the rules against your parents and say FUCK YOU to the body standards, or whatever else your pissed off and rebelling against. This is just something I'm using an example, my parents didn't make me eat carrots lol .

This can go even deeper and into having fat and relationship curses on us as well, which comes from our parents, people we've fucked and all sorts of places. If you want my help on releasing these patterns from your body so that your not repeating the same 10lbs over and over, having the same breakups and the same arguments with your partners and falling off the same old band wagon with whatever promise you made to yourself, but can't figure out WHY, I will assist you in healing that within your spirit in my private psychic healing sessions.

Food Spells Can Come From Past Lives

I actually had a huge revolution myself, while sitting there under a tree and talking to my spirit guides about my newly developing harmony inside my body. It told me that the oatmeal I had been eating, actually had spell on it and then it took me back to visions of a past life where I was an immigrant living in the basement of boat of some sort, and I was being borderline starved to death. Every day they would feed me a bowl of oatmeal and overwork me to the bones.

This past life, held the energy of slavery ties and overworking inside the oatmeal, and therefore I had been reliving those same patterns with my past years of binge eating disorder and starving myself plus over exercising (aka over working) by using oatmeal as part of my daily morning routine. Just like the past life. It's pretty insane, and the reason I figured it out is because I actually stopped loving oatmeal over night. I noticed it made me feel lethargic and would suck my energy out which was strange because I actually used to LOVE oatmeal. But the reason why I stopped liking it was because I had broken the curse and changed my body dynamics from within. I no longer needed it as a relevant source of food for my new journey. The salve spell had been broken.

You'll have to check out my new podcast when it comes out, to hear me go deeper. ANNNDDD did you know that I have a soon to be best selling book that coming out as well. It's gonna be so juicy and informative and hilarious at the same time so keep your eye out this fall.

How to Break a Food Spell

Now it's important to know that spells aren't something you need to be afraid of, as they can be broken. The problem is that most people aren't aware they have a spell on them. They're walking around oblivious and they keep repeating patterns and can't figure out why. Spells can be anything, not just food and here are some good signs you have spells on you. The key is that you have to break the pattern and the spell in all three spots. Inside your body, inside your mind and inside your soul. you can't just simply stop the pattern without healing your soul, or else you will take the pattern and apply it to a different spot in your life. For example, maybe you stop binging on food but then you start binging on men and sex and other junk. Stop drinking alcohol but then eat chips to replace it etc. My specialty is to help you get rid of those patterns across the board once and for all. You can book a private healing session for this.

Signs You Have A Spell or Curse On You

Addictions, obsession, fucking the wrong men, inability to orgasm, having a limp wiener, staying in shit relationships, picking your pimples too much, acne, chronic bad breath, repeating or chronic illnesses or aches, STD's , cellulite patterns, needing to feel a sense of control, emotional lashing out, feeling something missing, constant highs followed by massive crashes, extreme fatigue, violent patterns or abusive self talk, or any sort of repeating rituals and patterns that are not serving you. For example, snacking in bed every night is a ritual and a curse if it causes you to feel ashamed and like shit.

So in conclusion, the first thing we want to do is find out where your psychic spell came from, so that your aware of it and no longer are a functioning slave to your curse. A lot of times we have these spells on us since childhood, but they get inflamed and come out stronger with certain love affairs and sexual encounters or relationship drama with loved ones.

It can actually be very easy to move past when you have the right tools in place and like I said, usually people are just working on one are - either mind, body OR soul. We need all three working together. The fastest and easiest way, will be to do a one to one session with me, so that I can personalize everything to you.

The second best way till be to check out my online programs which vary on topics of love, intimacy, food, body and spiritual hotness. They will take you on a journey to bettering yourself through self lead courses here

And the third best way, will be to wait for my upcoming book and podcast!


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