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Get endorsed and become a self made supermodel!

Here's some cute pics from my recent designer endorsement I have with Rococo Sand, my most favorite and dreamiest brand!

Ever since I was 13 years old, I wanted to be a model since the first time I opened up a magazine and would watch the "easy, breezy beautiful , covergirl" campaigns on T.V. that played after the typical episode of Ricki Lake. Eventually those dreams turned into a reality , with lots of work , strategy and integrity. I've been endorsed now in countless fitness, designer and beauty campaigns and mainstream brands such as Rococo Sand, Dove, Oxygen Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Maxum. ( you can view my publications here

I also have received countless sponsored photoshoots, glam, botox, filler , lazer treatments and even a completely complimentary wedding vow renewal 2 wedding dresses, photographer, videographer and makeup/hair.

So let me tell you how :


  1. Share your story and your personality on your platform consistently.

Have photos to document your story that show obvious visuals to create connection and emotion with people. Let your audience and viewers into the story of YOU and what it took to become you. Be real and don't forget to go filter free at least some of the time.

2. Grow a foundation

Nobody wants to endorse a brand that is a nobody. You will need to become an asset to the other person and those assets need to be obvious within seconds of coming to your platform. You need your own audience and followers before you can go around pitching people, otherwise your throwing empty pitches that only benefit you. You can start anywhere though, so for example if you have an audience of a couple thousand, then go for brands that are slightly above that or equal to you. Don't go for a brand that's 5 million times the size of you, because it just wouldn't be in alignment for them when thousands of others are pitching them every single day.

3. Build relationships before pitching

Every endorsement I've ever gotten has had a long term relationship built before I ever asked for anything, or had somethin offered to me. Get to know the brands you want to work with. Buy something from them. Be an actual supporter of them and aim to work with the ones that you are already using in your every day life.

In my KarTASHian codes program, I teach you all the beginning steps to how I started to get published and endorsed. You can check out the deets here :

In my private coaching and mastermind, you get personalized and daily psychic guidance and strategy on how to collaborate with your dream brands and have a business that continues to thrive. Everything is custom to YOU and EXACTLY where you want to go EASIER and more EFFORTLESSLY. You can view the deets here


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