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Business & Marketing Bundle

Business & Marketing Bundle


This bundle is the perfect combo of spiritual healing and strategic, actionable steps designed to get you showing up , asking for what you want and actually getting it. You will learn how to get unstuck and format your beautiful gifts, ideas and downloads into structured content that makes you that money honey !


What You Get 

2 x programs + 2 x masterclasses



Supermodel Selling Masterclass

1 x 60 min pre recorded module & journal prompts


  • Market & Monetize : 60xmin pre-recorded module & journal prompts on how to master marketing a non niched brand & successfully sell multiple offers at various prices, both passive & active income.


  • Messaging - non- vanilla posts that people actually read & convert into cash.


  • Structure & Sales Systems : a rythm AND method to your selling with plan & daily flow. Repeat clients & 1 year enrollments . Consistent link clicks & consistent selling.


  • Selling Blocks & Business Breakthroughs - disintegrate selling & price blocks in the body with spiritual tools, so you can ask for what you want with certainty & get it. Remove money triggers for easier sales & package pricing.



Piston Masterclass

1hr 45 min fb live replay


Intuitive Coaching Vs Channeling - what makes an epic channeler.


Blocks Into Overflow - Identify & remove what’s blocking you inside your body, to connect to your empire for faster results & minimized time spent. 


Healing Time & Boundaries- Fear of wasting time - how it's blocking money. Old boundaries vs new ones & how to be firm yet soft. Stop being taken from & over giving.


How To Master Voxer - Easily navigate without overwhelm & over giving. 



Double Your Clients- The perfect marketing balance with practicals & emotionals to attract both feminine & masculine clients.


Non Vanilla waffle cone content - Sharing vs selling & how to get clicks & enrollemts.


Instant sales - Attract clients who who are ready NOW


Free lives & posts that convert -  Why people aren’t currently buying . Your specific uniqness 



ACE - Social Media & Launch Mastery Program

3x60 min modules or replay


BRANDING :Exposure - Milk your photoshoots for ultimate results. Where to post photos & when for max likes & comments. Constant engagement on each platform.


Master Social Media: Hack the algorithm for constant growth & immediate enrollments. What to put on each platform for easy results. Create timeless & re-usable content . Less work , more money. Bio & profile hacks that grab attention. Balance sharing vs selling


Launch Strategy- Structure & organize your codes into modules & programs without pressure so you can sell them. Book more 1:1 & time your launch for effortless sales. Never ending momentum . Breakdown & package your offers. Less work, more sales .Be prepared & ahead of your business


Marketing : FB lives & free content that converts . Write posts with ease & turn your watchers into buyers. Chanel & enroll your next private & mastermind clients. Identify what attracts them & gets them buying. Clarify your highest point of power. Monetize your healing.


Sharpen Your Gifts - Prevent overwhelm & have easy & instant breakthroughs inside the body. Heal launch trauma & fear of crickets. Emotional & spiritual voxer boundaries & the perfect feminine/masculine balance for zero exhaustion.

Business & Marketing Bundle

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