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Call Girl - Guided Meditations

Call Girl Guided Meditations

3 x Guided Meditations

Visually walk you through senerios where you will discover all the hidden & unconscious secrets on how to manifest more money, access your billion dollar blueprint, and melt fat to be the & hottest, steamiest  version of yourself:



1 - Your Richest & Hottest Self Meditation (28 mins)

fat codes - food codes - dream bank account


You Will Intuitively Access:


- the secret to your self sabotoge 

- what youve been avoiding 

- your intuitive food & workout for your hottest self

- financial intimacy & partner communication

- your steamiest savings, investments & taxes plan

-what's holding you back

-what's stored inside your fat cells & how to release them

- your most important steps today


2 . Your Billion Dollar Business Bueprint Meditation (30 mins)

 fame & exosure - monetizing - your purpose 


You Will Intuitively Access :


- the 3 main pillars to your success

- whats blocking your magic and gifts

-your strongest point of power & attraction

-what connects your clients to you 

- massive exposure & recognition

- celebration blocks

-your mission , vision & strategy

- where you take people


3. Soul Sex Meditation (19 mins)

heart opening - your soulmate - masculine recieving


What You Will Intuitively Access:


-What your craving from men & money 
- trust & receive from money & men
- be taken & devoured by your soulmate
- your hottest wardrobe & your dream date
- make your fantasy a reality 
- position yourself for success & orgasms
- activate your sexual awakening
- increase your sex drive







Call Girl - Guided Meditations

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