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The Exhale - Heal Your Masculine Program

In this program, you will learn how to heal your relationship wth men, sex and money and how those three things are all connected.  You will learn how to spiritually heal in order to clear debt, stack your savings account, call in your soulmate, have better orgasms and uplevel your marriage.


What You Get 

5 x pre recorded modules (60mins each)


4 x group zoom healing call replays


Module 1 - Create consistency & safety with men & money . Reoccurring and numerous streams of passive income , savings , ride or die, 1 year and high ticket clients & your dream man.


Module 2- Release pressure to expand into effortless overflow . Open your heart & allow men & money to support you. Men who text back , and easy lifting clients who take action.


Module 3- Hotter s$ & easy launches . Connections that blow your mind . Dreamy & steamy bank accounts. Your personalized launch strategy.


Module 4- Convert pain with pleasure . Body code downloads . Get out of your head & into your body . Reverse self sabotage and money fluctuations forever.


Module 5 - Sex positions and soul sales systems. Hack your business and s*x life to position yourself for squirt Os & social media mastery. Emails, IG stories & fb lives that convert to sales. When to sell where.

The Exhale - Heal Your Masculine Program

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