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Food Freedom Acceleration Program

Food Freedom Acceleration Progam


This is my most advanced content on healing your relationship with food, so that you can stop the patterns and lose the weight once and for all.  It's for women who know that there's something deeper going on and they desire to heal the root of thier sticky lbs, while having a flexible and maintainable plan without selling your soul to salad. 


What You Get

10 x live fb replays & journal prompts


Nutrition Coaching - How to portion, pair & time food to have an effortless weightloss with easy maintence and no cravings. Can be adjusted  to your own time, schedule and food tastes. Easy personlised swap outs and family flexibility . Complete with grab and go snallutlitecks and how to eat out, on the fly and also while travelling. 


Cravings,  Binges & Metabolism -Stabalize cravings & heal both the practical and emotional root causes. Stop skipping meals, cutting calories and binging and heal the all or nothing mentality.  Create a metabolism to easily burn of treats so you can be hot without going hungry. 


Childhood & Emotional Fat /Cellulite Patterns- Lose the emotional fat and cellulite stored in problem areas, related to childhood and sex  memories. Where your fat stores and the emotions that keep it stuck there. Melt the emtions and release the pooch for good. 


Sex, Men & Supplements - How your relationship w/sex and men reflect your food choices, and why. What men memories are stuck inside your fat & holding you back . Burn off the shame that's making you gain and finally let go of the old energy so you can feel safe to be seen as the new, skinnier and sought after you without short cuts and diet pills. 


Motherhood & Motivation - Roll through lifes seasons, holidays, work, kids & travel while maintaining your dream bodythrough the chaos.  Heal time management, nail your personalised routine and don't drop the ball.  Stop the yo-yo of gaining back the same 5lbs over and over and keep the weight coming off consistently no matter what. 


Food Freedom Acceleration Program

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