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Spiritual Hotness Bundle

Spiritual Hotness Bundle


With this bundle, you will remove anything in the way and find clarity on your next steps in getting exactly what you want  easier and faster . You will connect to your hottest and richest self with these spritual practices, journal prompts and meditations. 


Call Girl Guided Meditaions

3 x guided meditations to visually walk you through senerios where you will discover all the hidden & unconscious secrets to becoming your richest , steamiest & hottest version of yourself.


1 - Your Richest & Hottest Self Meditation (28 mins)

fat codes - food codes - dream bank account


You Will Intuitively Access:

- The secret to your self sabotoge

- What youve been avoiding

- Your intuitive food & workout for your hottest self

- Financial intimacy & partner communication

- Your steamiest savings, investments & taxes plan

-What's holding you back

-What's stored inside your fat cells & how to release them

- Your most important steps today


2 . Your Billion Dollar Business Blueprint Meditation (30 mins)

fame & exosure - monetizing - your purpose


You Will Intuitively Access :

- the 3 main pillars to your success

- whats blocking your magic and gifts

-your strongest point of power & attraction

-what connects your clients to you

- massive exposure & recognition

- celebration blocks-your mission , vision & strategy

- where you take people


3. Soul Sex Meditation (19 mins)heart opening
soul mate sex & healing


You Will Intuitively Access:

- Your soulmate

- Masculine receiving

-What your craving from men & money

- Trust & receive from money & men

- Be taken & devoured by your soulmate

- Your hottest wardrobe & your dream date

- Make your fantasy a reality

- Position yourself for success & orgasms

- Activate your sexual awakening

- Increase your sex drive



Heat masterclass

Unchain Your Hotness 

 1hr fb live replay 


- Stop holding back & being the cute girl 

- Unchain your hotness 

- Become consistent &  unstopppable 


Thirsty Masterclass

Identify Your Edge


- 1 hr fb live replay

- Identify what your soul is thirsty for 

- Pin point your leading edge factor

- Step into your next level 

- Channel your vixen


10 Day Spiritual Hotness Challenge

10 days journal prompts to thirst trap EXACTLY what you want, easier and faster


What You Get:

10 days of journal prompts and assignments to access :



  • Your next high ticket clients

  • EXACTLY what you want

  • Your marketing plan

  • Your hottest body

  • Where your holding back

  • Your money blueprint

  •  Your dream schedule

  • Your ultimate glam and photoshoot look

  • Your 30 day routine for success

  • Get unstuck & stop self sabatoge


Spiritual Hotness Bundle

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