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KarTASHian Codes Program

Kartashian Codes Program

Build An Empire Of Beauty & Riches



With Tasha's healing and psychic tools, you'll learn to combine spiritual growth with your business aspirations while also balancing mom life and healing your sensitive and gifted kids . Discover true beauty, balance in your family and business while mastering social media, developing a breathtaking personal brand, and positioning yourself in the spotlight of your industry.


What You Get:

4x pre recorded modules (60 mins each)


Module 1 - Kourtney Codes :

How to balance being a mom and running a business at the same time

How to parent and gentle discipline for sensitive & gifted kids

How to help kids heal and release emotions (demonstartions with 7 yr old Kai)

How to release pressure to perform & stop disconnecting from business due to family


Module 2 - Khloe Codes:

How to heal your relationship with men, masculine, sex & betrayal .

How to heal from someone who has cheated on you

How to release emotional fat & convert it into beauty & riches

How to heal over-investing in men & mentorship & finally get what you put in

How to attract 1year soulmate clients and men who stick around long term

How to stop being everyone elses ride or die, with no payback


Module 3-Kris Codes :

How to write posts with purpose that convert.  

How to have Non vanilla messaging. 

Steps on how to market as an influencer or entreprenuer

how to attract clients who buy immeidatly and turn into repeat customers

How to strategically position yourself on IG, FB, tiktok and various other platforms

How to get more engagement, likes and followers on IG , FB and tiktok


Module 4- Kim Codes:


How to get show stopping exposure & presence to match your souls gorgeous-ness.

How to become an industry trend setter &  be 10 steps ahead.

How to get brand endorsements, sponsorships & client wait lists


KarTASHian Codes Program

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