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Piston Masterclass

Piston Masterclass

Market Your genius

1hr 45 min fb live replay


Intuitive coaching vs channeling - What makes an epic channeller.


Blocks Into Overflow - Identify & remove what’s blocking you inside your body, to connect to your empire for faster results & minimized time spent. 


Healing Time & Boundaries- Fear of wasting time - how it's blocking money. Old boundaries vs new ones & how to be firm yet soft. Stop being taken from & over giving.



How To Master Voxer - Easily navigate without overwhelm & over giving. Stop being in and out of voxer all day long & prevent millions of questions. Attract self sufficient clients who think for themselves.


Double Your Clients- the perfect marketing balance with practicals & emotionals to attract both feminine & masculine clients.


Non Vanilla Waffle Cone Content - Sharing vs selling & how to get clicks & enrollements.


Instant Sales - Attract clients who who are ready NOW.


 Free Lives & Posts That Convert -  Why people aren’t currently buying . Your specific uniquness. 



All prices in usd

Piston Masterclass

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