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Seduction Masterclass

Seduction Masterclass

Seduce Your Dream Self & Release Sexual Shame


This is the perfect masterclass for the beginner who knows she has a past with men and sex that needs some healing, and wants to stop holding back her sex appeal and truth bombs with business and body. For the woman who wants to call  in her dream business and can stop caring what people think so she can finally flourish.


What You Get:

1X60 min fb live replay 

1X60 min fb live q&a


-Dream girl meditation

-Be hot, respected & desired all at once

-Hidden codes on why you can't lose the last bit of weight

-Release fear in not being loved or liked online & dating

-Get the balls to post the truth bombs

-Why your not rocking the sscandalist outfits you want to 

-Become the most talked about brand in town 

-Build your reputation to be the IT girl

-Attract men & clients who appreciate , respect and stay committed

-Release blocks & shame around 1 night stands & short term clients  and men 

-Why your cheated on or betrayed 

-Men and money seek you out



all prices in usd

Seduction Masterclass

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