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Witch Hazel Healing Sessions

What you get:

3 x private  - 60 min zoom calls


These 1:1 sessions , are face to face with Tasha, where you will connect the present version of you, to the future, highest potential of you. You will learn how to heal anything in the way of your hottest self, while also building what Tasha calls a "stairway to heaven" , where every day is a miracle


Finances & Career


Heal your hidden financial blocks and stack your savings accounts.  Grow your investments and create income consistency you can depend on. Break into new industries and create new income streams to fuel your dreams. Reduce overhead and debt for high profit margins and never ending financial success.

Gifts & Brand Relevancy

 Keep your energy and gifts rolling, growing , moving and implementing so that your always three steps ahead of the game and your industry. Promptly remove potential roadblocks for easy and focused pivots that keep you and your goals in the spotlight. Prevent stagnancy and learn how to command and direct your unique qualities into tangible and lasting  results in your life. Lock in you unwavering consistency and resiliency so that your talents, platform and foundation continues to thrive.

Sex & Relationships

Activate your next spiritual awakening for the most connected sex of your life. Attract honest and trustworthy people who make your relationship a priority. A  partner who listens and communicates easily and actively for breakthroughs without blow ups. Bring the belly laughs and light hearted joy back to your home, friendships and partnerships.

Witch Hazel Healing Sessions

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