Single Mom 52 lb Transformation
From "cute" to HOT 15lb Transformation
Back to Back Babies 20lb Transformation
Self Esteem Celebration - 27lb transformation
Nurse on nightshift 30lb Transformation
Diabetic & new mom reduced medication 25lb transformation 

"I lost 35lbs on Tasha's program. Can you imagine someone guiding you through the toughest time of your life? That’s Tasha. She makes the impossible... possible!!! Losing weight, learning how to eat and love yourself. You end her program lighter physically and emotionally. Stronger, hotter and more grounded. Don’t question , just do it!!"

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"Tasha is amazing at what she does! She knows how to change a person's everyday life, not just fitness. You don't have to think hard about what to eat,  counting macros or do keto! It's so freeing enjoying the things you love while losing. She's inspiring and makes you want to be a better person. Last program you will ever need in your life. You won't be disappointed, I guarantee that!"


"I lost 16lbs in 5 weeks  and realized eating healthy doesn't mean just salads and water. It can be so much better! It can fun, delicious and so rewarding in such a short period of time"


"I've lost 18lbs in 8 weeks, Tasha helped me to start loosing weight, loving myself & believing that I'm not a bad mom for putting me first & loving myself! I'm a good mom for teaching my kids how to accomplish dreams & goals"


"Joining Tasha  has been the best thing I've ever done for myself. She knows what she's doing, and has tought me proper nutrition and workouts so I can finally see the results I've been wanting forever. I  highly recommend anyone struggling with food and weight to join Tasha"


"I lost 35lbs and joining Tasha has been life changing. Not only did she transform my body but she transformed my life!! It's so much more than fitness and nutrition, but she makes that part of it effortless. You won't t regret joining Tasha and the squad of women she's helped"


 "I’ve lost 35 lbs in 3 months and gained confidence in myself on so many levels. Tasha helped me to be a role model for my kids. She's well rounded and coaches both physical and mental fitness! I joined when I was mentally drained and it showed physically. Her intuition was instrumental in success & now getting ready for a photoshoot with my girls is fun, not full of anxiety."


"I lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks. Tasha's energy is electric and she motivates you to be your best self.She helped me create balance and understand nutrition.....AND you can still be the sexy goddess you were before kids! You don’t have to be a mom, you can be that woman ready to make a change"


"I've lost 2 sizes and am beyond thankful for Tasha. I needed is a safe person to discuss my horrible food/body relationship with, and figure out ways to change it. Someone to call me on my shit when I over restrict over all self confidence. Tasha gave me this and more.  A year ago, I wouldn't have done a photoshoot, I've used this to better myself"


"I’ve lost 40lbs in 12 weeks on with Tasha. It's been the only program that has made me stick to a new way of living and eating real food (no fad diets here)"


I’ve lost 25lbs on Tash's program! She's taught me how to eat in such a way that it’s second nature and there’s no guilt! Tasha helped me to be comfortable with who I am at each point of this journey and shown me self care is a big part. Plus she’s just an amazing person, zero judgement and always insanely positive. I would highly recommend.


I’ve lost 24lbs in 7 weeks on Tashas program. It's helped me get motivated to better myself. She's taught me how to eat without giving up my favorite foods! Body confidence has been a struggle for years for me and she’s helped me tremendously. I’m so excited to continue this journey


I’ve lost 20lbs in 8 weeks with Tasha's program! She's made an amazing difference in my life. Not only with weight, but support and confidence I’ve gained through the program! I have 20 more lbs to lose, but with our girls retreat coming up in Hawaii, I’ll be sure to stay on track. I love the program sooo much, I eat tons of carbs (recipes are to die) , I get to do fun and rewarding exercises, and I’ve gained an amazing new group of boss ass ladies! 


I have lost 40lbs on Tasha's program. It's helped me make better food choices and become accountable. I am always eating, instead of skipping meals and resulting in binging in evenings. The workouts are fun and as challenging as you make them and easy to do at home. I have more energy and can enjoy my family and it's been easy to fit into my schedule. I'd recommend it to anyone. I was the person who thought that losing even 20lbs was impossible, but tasha proved me wrong. I can wait to keep going


I've lost 15 inches on Tasha's program It's given me my energy back! I used to come home from work exhausted, and grumpy. I have learned how to eat to give my body the fuel it needs. Her program has helped me remember to put my health first, not only with diet but also exercise and stress control. As the saying goes, you can not pour from an empty cup.


I lost 14 pounds and have kept it off 1 year. Tasha taught me what and how to eat and exercise for my lifestyle. The combination of the two was mind blowing! I tried many programs before but with little results. Tasha’s program works!!! Most importantly Tasha gave me the confidence to follow my dreams, and know I am worth it! She is an amazing person.


I lost 30 pounds with Tasha . Her program helped me as a mom to have more energy, destress,how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to make time for me! I’ve been maintaining this healthy lifestyle for 7 years now and feel absolutely amazing!!! Forever grateful for Tasha !!!


I feel so lucky to have found Tasha. I'd been to a few trainers before but never got the personalized approach I got from Tasha. Her shared passion for my success kept me going. The money spent on personal training with Tasha has been a most worthwhile investment."

"Thank you for all of your guidance and for helping me become a better me!!"

"Tasha, thank you so much for all your inspiration and caring over the past couple years. I know I couldn't have done it without you."


"Thank you so much for pushing me this past year. I was in the best shape ever for my trip to Mexico. I was confidant wearing my bathing suit and got tons of compliments from friends and family about how 'ripped' I was, and most importantly, my wedding dress fit like a glove. Thank you so so so much"



"To Tasha, With all my gratitude, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me reach a goal that I've been trying to achieve for 13 years. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, skills and talent. I really couldn't have done it without you! I can't think you enough for this amazing victory and look forward to more progress. You are the greatest and best. I'm so luck to have worked with you."

"Thanks for being there for me, wouldn't be the person I am without you."

"Just wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated. So glad to have met you and thanks so much for the info and support."

"Thank you so much for putting up with my crap. I love our time together and you have taught me so much. Not only about exercise and nutrition but what I deserve in life. I owe you so much for putting me on the right track to my new life."


"Tasha, a quick note to say thank you for continuing to motivate me to reach my fitness goals. You are an amazing trainer and I look forward to our continuing sessions."

"Thank you so much for helping me get fit. You help keep me motivated and have made it a lot easier to lose the weight than I could have imagined."


"Tasha - There is no greater feeling than feeling like a million bucks in your own body. When I first started I felt fat, but now I'm starting to feel great! So I want to say thanks for all the inspiration and pushing me hard. I have more work ahead, but I already feel like $100,000 - hopefully soon a million bucks!"