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6 Celebrity Psychic Readings - Paris Hilton, Kathy Hilton, Kris Jenner, Corey Gamble, Ellen....

Here's the thing: every single person on this planet has a gift, and sometimes those gifts get utilized, and other times they don't. Our soul's job on this Earth is to learn and grow, and mastering our gifts, in synchronicity with our human bodies and minds, is the thing that brings the ultimate fulfillment.

Anytime we aren't utilizing our gifts or fully understanding them, this creates harder lessons than what is ideal for our human selves, and so this is why it's important to understand our soul's purpose on this Earth!

Below are some celebrity psychic readings and the different purposes and gifts each one of them carries, as well as the next steps of mastery for each of their souls.

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PARIS HILTON & PHEONIX READING - Paris and Pheonix are a skyrocket to the stars

Phoenix is like the rocket ship to Paris's world of stardom. He is there to help guide and navigate her way through personal goals with the right balance so that she also remembers when to come back home to a safe space to land. His gifts will be incredibly detail-oriented and business-savvy as he learns to thrive with the ability to juggle and manage many tasks at once. Paris will teach him to achieve all of his aspirations and more, sharing the same appreciation for animals as they work and play together with organizations to help keep his passion projects growing. He will be kind, lighthearted, generous, and incredibly articulate with his words and wisdom. A natural-born leader, he will love being in the role of a big brother

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PARIS HILTON'S PURPOSE READING - Paris is the land of fairy tales

Paris's soul purpose is to create a swirl of miracles that dances and plays its way from one dream to the next. Her talents and gifts are the thoughts and ideas that come to her in the form of both imagination and manifestation. She is a real-life, living fairy who knows that the magic she sprinkles and feels inside of her is something special to be seen and experienced by many.

She is currently mastering the ability to allow herself to feel new emotions and open up in ways she always wished she could, sharing her treasures and secrets with the people she can trust.

She will create a childhood of memories with her son and her soon-to-be-growing family while learning how to honor her own presence and listen to the subtle whispers that ask her to spend a lifetime in the moment. The key to her happiness is feeling alive so that she can forever continue to flourish and spiritually thrive.

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PARIS HILTON & KATHY HILTON READING - Paris and Kathy are 2 peas in a pod

With the incredible ability to always bring out the humor in things and not take life too seriously, Paris and Kathy are able to live in their own worlds as individuals, while also being very similar. They were sent here to show and mirror to one another their strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas of desired growth, admiration, and beauty

With a quick wit, they have the ability to work through any bumps in the road and meet together for the sake of family traditions and fun. Paris easily brushes things off, while Kathy keeps what's important at the forefront

Laughter is the most important and valuable tool for both of them as they continue to heal on separate journeys and move the mother ship forward in whatever direction is best for the two of them

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KATHY HILTON'S PURPOSE READING - Kathy is a cross stitched pillow

Kathy’s purpose is to keep the traditions and communication in her family and inner circle ongoing and acknowledged. She is like a cross-stitched pillow with intricately woven patterns that connect people and places from one moment to the next, and then anchor it all into precious keepsakes. She is sent here as a reminder to people of all the things that are important

She's able to attune to her loved ones in times when she's needed and will welcome them into her heart and home with authentic compatibility. She takes pride in her friendships and knows that time is her biggest asset and the most cherished gift in the world

She has mastered and fine-tuned the importance of family dynamics and how that plays an important role in shaping a person's life, as well as the lives of all their children and grandchildren to come. She will continue to be loved and honored as she remembers to accept and acknowledge all the meanings of life's twists and turns that happen in between her greatest celebrations and accomplishments

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ELLEN DEGENERES & PORTIA DEROSSI CELEBRITY READING - Ellen and Portia are stars in the midnight sky

Ellen and Portia together are like stars in the midnight sky because they are opposites like night and day and can understand that one doesn't exist without the other

Hand in hand, their friendship is what holds them together and they know that new beginnings are always on the horizon. They can acknowledge and appreciate the small things in life, knowing that the path to partnership has it's beauty and curves. With the right intentions and actions, they know that nothing needs to be taken too seriously

They are currently mastering healthy criticism in a way that is productive for both parties and brings laughter and the language of light into their lives

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PORTIA DEROSSI SOUL PURPOSE READING - Portia is a rainbow of hope

Portia’s spiritual gift is to ask the perfect questions that prompt people into a lighter and brighter path. She brings opportunities and insights for others on how to to live carefree, in a way that feels balanced and refreshing to the soul

She is the rainbow of hope in times of inner turmoil, and she is a companion who will consistently point you back to the right path in a gentle and sensitive way. She is the gift of light when you feel like your in the darkness of night

She is currently learning how to appreciate and advocate for her own health in order to bring it into a place of wholeness and harmony. A balanced body is the upmost importance to her and vitality is something she does not take for granted

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Ellen’s spiritual gift is to enhance emotions that move people and create waves of tears, happiness and joy. This is can cause a ripple effect with the power to change entire communities combined with what she loves about life

She has recently been mastering the ability to allow this gift into her own heart, which is a place she can call home. She has been learning how to give selflessly in non conventional and simple ways that have her feeling more and more fulfilled

She holds a huge expectation for herself and others to grow and she is now learning how to do so in new and non traditional ways that allow her to receive the love and light that she’s always known was right in front of her

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Kris's next mission, in order to achieve and maintain the full vision of what she sees for her life, will be to focus on healing her hormones so that she can feel better rested and energized.

Being able to synchronize her body with her mind will be the first step to being able to continue feeling youthful and refreshed, as her body is trying to catch up to her mind

Once she has learned to heal and naturally replenish her hormones, her spiritual gifts will expand even further so that she can create even more beauty and investments in her life today. She will be more settled in the present instead of having to consistently plan for the future, and things will fall into place smoothly and easily without all the hiccups and falls

Body, mind, and soul synchronization is her next task at hand for her souls mission

All my private psychic sessions can include hormone healing on your specific body. You will walk away knowing which foods to eat, exercises to do and also which spiritual tools to use to get your body into harmony easily an effortlessly in the most natural way possible. You can learn more about my healing sessions here

KRIS JENNER SOUL GIFTS READING- Kris is a rebirth & rebuild

Kris carries the spiritual gift of rebirth and rebuilds. Her superpower is to very promptly insert herself where things are misaligned and bring them back to accuracy. She is able to foresee the future ahead of time and cast a vision and a spell to create the perfect amount of pressure in order to bring those visions into light

Her gifts work ahead of her, always forecasting what comes next as she lays the groundwork for success and congruency in herself and those she loves. She lives for festivities and thrives on the high of a busy buzz and people's dreams coming true in the most powerful and potent ways. She will take one's dream and expand it even larger and even wider

Her next focus will be to perfect the art of timing, knowing when and where people in her life need space and grace.

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Corey is like spiritual ice, which represents his cool and calming demeanor. He helps people feel relaxed, as his temperament brings steadiness, sureness, peace, and predictability. This allows Kris to know that everything will be okay, even in times of chaos. He is her reminder to slow down and enjoy the celebration.

Corey carries a protective layer of energy on his front, which also acts as Kris's spiritual bodyguard. He has a nonreactive shield of thick skin; however, this shield can also cause him to sometimes miss her small emotional cues in need of tender loving care. He is currently able to pick up these small cues with physical touch, but his next level of mastery will be to learn how to sense these things sooner and easier so that she doesn't need to ask.

Healing the blocked energy in his core will elevate their intimacy and companionship to Kris's fiery heights.

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