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How to know if he's THE ONE

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

In the world of dating ( or even marriage for that fact) my clients always want to know if their current guys is THE ONE forever, or the THE ONE for right now. They want to know if he's their soulmate and that's an interesting question because we can actually have more then one soul mate in this lifetime, but some of our soulmates are here to sort of torture us through difficult lessons of pain and heartbreak so that we can find our way to the better one. And the faster you learn how to tell the difference between trauma matching and healthy, pure love, the faster things get easier, and the faster you meet him.

What I've noticed, in family, relationships and also career moves, is that things change and they change often and they can change really fast without notice. That means, we can't just rely on the environment, the schedule and the chemistry between two people for lasting and strong love, although those things are important, they are all external.

I was thinking about how my husband (my forever soulmate) and I have lasted this long, lol... 16 years to be exact. And although we've had rough seasons, when you zoom out , over all our marriage is the easiest thing in my life so far, which I contribute to one BIG thing. We have the same core values. That means that what REALLY matters, is the same to us deep down underneath all the work, schedules and kids, we live by similar standards for ourselves (which also plays a huge part in the lifestyle we live)

I see so many of my clients who are single and dating, come to me be because they found the perfect guy, except for he has lifestyle habits that don't align for them. Honestly, this is a problem because if one person smokes a lot of pot or drinks a lot of alcohol, or likes to constantly go out, and the other doesn't, well it's not in alignment and although I do believe we can always find a balance, it does make it a lot more difficult.

So my point here, is that the faster you get to the CORE of your own value systems, the faster you understand yourself, and the faster you can also communicate to your partner what's important to you and why . We can also have values based on traumas, and when our value system has been broken, that can make us respond in self sabotaging ways and sometimes cause irrational reactions and outbursts ( like throwing tomatoes at your cheating boyfriends car every day for a year with your friends) or becoming the ultimate investigator, or just a constant feeling of un-easyness, worry and fear of being bamboozled, hurt or broken.

What I help you do , is tap into your inner psychic compass so that you can actually see and know people's intentions. You also need to know the difference between a psychic vision and a fear, because we can channel fear and convince ourselves that it's intuition which actually isn't always the case.

I teach you how to tell the difference between fear as your navigation system and intuition. I also teach you how to heal the patterns that manifest cheating men, betrayal and conflicts.

ANDDDDD I can teach you how to connect to your forever soulmate and bring him into your life. How to know if you can trust someone, how to know the next move to make and how to finally have a new experience full of EASY life and love instead of a bunch of shitty and hard lessons.

You can book one of my personalized sessions here or inquire with be about my psychic parties, where you can grab a group of girlfriends together to have me come there in person and read everyone.

All my love, Tasha


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