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Paris Hilton & Kathy Hilton Celebrity Psychic Reading & How to Find Your Purpose

Hi , and welcome to my blog. If it's your first time coming here, I would love to introduce myself. My name is Tasha Wall, and I am so many things! I am a mother to 2 boys age 6 and 8, a master psychic , a healer, a photographer, and also a self made supermodel. My specialty lies in channeling peoples thoughts, subconscious and ultimate future self. I have the ability to tap into a persons personal path and exactly where they are meant to be in order to exit one chapter in life and move into the next chapter which is meant to be their own ultimate dream come true.


Here's the things about chapters. We're all writing our own stories and our own fairy tales, and sometimes inside the fairy tale, we have a shitty and hard chapter that's full of challenge and uncomfortable changes , and SOMETIMES that chapter actually could have been avoided with the right skills and the right eyes to help redirect you onto your correct path. Anything that feels bad, or feels not like love, purpose, authenticity and sweet dreams is actually not the true us because deep down, at the purest sate of being, we are all just big balls of LOVE. Which means anything that that feels not like love = not on track. It means your on a bit of a detour, you will and can still get there, but there was likely a much easier way which you weren't aware of.


The good news though, is that it's really easy to get back on track and often just takes one little step, or one next decision. And that's what I help you do! When we don't trust our new chapter, and new beginning and new decisions, guess what happens. We stay in the old shitty chapter, repeating patterns that suck over and over again. I call it the life of a robot and I also call that a "curse" because it feels like a loop hole you can't get out of. For example, maybe you continue to be misunderstood or continue to have the same argument with people over and over again. That's a curse. Again, easily broken and easily healed, with the right tools, which means NEWWWWW and FRESH energy and ways of thinking, behaving, living, breathing and loving. I help you identify those exact next steps, and also psychically can see what the outcome would be before hand so that you can make a clear and concise decision, so you can know who to trust, what to do next and when the timing will be just right.


One of the things I see with my clients the most is that when they feel off track, not themselves or just bored , stagnant, fed up or unclear it's because they actually don't really know what their real purpose is on this planet, we all have one. They don't know what is going on or why. This often happens when there's been a change in their lives (aka chapter closing) We all have a mission that we were sent here to do from god, and it's our job to figure out what that is and how to bring it into light. Once you know your purpose and your unique gifts in the world, you have your destination in sight, and we can map out and plan your steps from there on how to have both material success and results but also that inner fulfillment. Most of my clients, especially public figures and high profile ones, have all the material things they could imagine but something about themselves feels undiscovered or untapped into. They are searching for something MORE even though they are actually so happy in a lot of other ways. This means, spiritual growth and connection to your depths, your flavors and your own inner senses and psychic-ness and the trust that everything that makes you, YOU is meant to be explored, seen and acknowledged. When you feel that people are not acknowledging your value, that's simply because you aren't seeing it either. Again, I teach my clients how to access their own inner psychic so that they can instantly smell a fraud, a lie, or anything that is off track to their own self, which just makes life so much easier and smoother. My sessions are often described as a best friend who hugs you, laughs with you, and will give you the makeover of a lifetime . Like an emotional spa that you want to visit on the regular.

So I often do these soul purpose readings, and here is the one I did for Kathy Hilton and Paris Hilton as well as Paris's son phoenix. I tapped into each of them as individuals as well as the energy they create in a relationship together.


You know how I mentioned that everyone has a purpose, well every relationship has a purpose as well. We are meant to bring things out in one another and when you know what that thing is, you can then navigate your communication etc. very easily. Even our enemies have a purpose in our lives (although that's an aggressive word, I don't really believe in "enemies" but you get the point.) Picture your enemies as the bad guy in your chapter, and until you can figure out that chapter and close it, they will continue to re-surface their nasty face because you have not yet opened the next chapter. If you want to book your own private 1: 1 reading with me, we can touch on any of the following topics.

Family and friendship, love and sex, health and your hotness and career / finances. You can get more info here



Paris's soul purpose is to create a swirl of miracles that dances and plays its way from one dream to the next. Her talents and gifts are the thoughts and ideas that come to her in the form of both imagination and manifestation. She is a real-life, living fairy who knows that the magic she sprinkles and feels inside of her is something special to be seen and experienced by many.

She is currently mastering the ability to allow herself to feel new emotions and open up in ways she always wished she could, sharing her treasures and secrets with the people she can trust.

She will create a childhood of memories with her son and her soon-to-be-growing family while learning how to honor her own presence and listen to the subtle whispers that ask her to spend a lifetime in the moment. The key to her happiness is feeling alive so that she can forever continue to flourish and spiritually thrive.



Phoenix is like the rocket ship to Paris's world of stardom. He is there to help guide and navigate her way through personal goals with the right balance so that she also remembers when to come back home to a safe space to land.

His gifts will be incredibly detail-oriented and business-savvy as he learns to thrive with the ability to juggle and manage many tasks at once.

Paris will teach him to achieve all of his aspirations and more, sharing the same appreciation for animals as they work and play together with organizations to help keep his passion projects growing.

He will be kind, lighthearted, generous, and incredibly articulate with his words and wisdom. A natural-born leader, he will love being in the role of a big brother.



With the incredible ability to always bring out the humor in things and not take life too seriously, Paris and Kathy are able to live in their own worlds as individuals, while also being very similar. They were sent here to show and mirror to one another their strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas of desired growth, admiration, and beauty.

With a quick wit, they have the ability to work through any bumps in the road and meet together for the sake of family traditions and fun. Paris easily brushes things off, while Kathy keeps what's important at the forefront.

Laughter is the most important and valuable tool for both of them as they continue to heal on separate journeys and move the mother ship forward in whatever direction is best for the two of them.



Kathy’s purpose is to keep the traditions and communication in her family and inner circle ongoing and acknowledged. She is like a cross-stitched pillow with intricately woven patterns that connect people and places from one moment to the next, and then anchor it all into precious keepsakes. She is sent here as a reminder to people of all the things that are important.

She's able to attune to her loved ones in times when she's needed and will welcome them into her heart and home with authentic compatibility. She takes pride in her friendships and knows that time is her biggest asset and the most cherished gift in the world.

She has mastered and fine-tuned the importance of family dynamics and how that plays an important role in shaping a person's life, as well as the lives of all their children and grandchildren to come. She will continue to be loved and honored as she remembers to accept and acknowledge all the meanings of life's twists and turns that happen in between her greatest celebrations and accomplishments.

Her next growth edge will be learning to use her own psychic forces to forecast ahead of time exactly where and when to use her voice, time and gifts.

I hope you loved this blog, learned a little and know that you can come to me for further insight into your own future which YOU create. At any given time, we have millions of different potential paths that we can take, and I am the eyes that will help you see the path you never knew existed, or also help you clear the blocks that are in the way of your current one. You can read more details about my 1:1 sessions here , or if you are simply ready to book your session, you can email me here !


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