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Psychic Fashion & How Your Clothes Could be Making You Depressed

I realized something profound yesterday while wearing an old T-shirt from my post partum days when I used to feel fat and depressed. I looked in the mirror, and it was like I convinced myself I was in that same body and feeling that same way, until I realized something.

I was actually just channeling old energy and emotions and memories from when I used to wear that shirt.

Your old clothes, just like sentimental objects can create images and what I call "slides" in your mind just the same as if you were to hold your babies first blanket or a clothing item from someone who has passed. So when it comes to your clothing, we can actually start tapping into our old ego deaths which can create a mourning or just a general yucky feeling all together.

It can trick you into feeling frumpy or depressed , but really your just wearing an outfit that no longer suits or fits you and your recycling dead energy.

This is why it’s so important to refresh your wardrobe and practice what I’m calling “psychic fashion” where your channeling NEW energy with your clothing and intentionally deciding how you want to feel by creating those emotions with your clothing.

I’m doing a whole deep dive on this in my book that will be coming out as well , so stay tuned!


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