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Spiritual Botox To Slow Down Aging

I was just finishing up writing on of the chapters in my up and coming book on botox, beauty and plastic surgery and what I call spiritual botox. This year , my 38th year was the first year that I started to consistently do botox, but I also do everything that I can naturally, in order to try and heal from the inside out. I also like to take breaks in between my botox just so that I can remember what I really do look like because I'm not trying to get carried away over here with complete frozen face. (which by the way, I feel looks really fucking strange)Anyways, spiritual botox means that we are healing everything inside oursleves which causes rapid aging, wrinkles and sagging and if we want to add some other actual real botox on top of that, then at least we know that we are doing our best to also heal the insides.

The 3 Top Causes of Aging

Environmental, lifestyle and Genetics

Lack of sleep, eating and drinking either too much or not enough in a healthy and balanced way as well as any shit feelings that are living inside of you are the recipe to looking and feeling like your an old hag. Basically think of lower vibration feelings like an energy that pulls your skin down to meet it where it's at. The lower the vibration, the more the sag.

When people say that genetics are a part, yes that is DNA, but it also has to do with the fact that we take on the thinking , healing and lifestyle patterns of our mothers and fathers. We take on alot of their eating habits as well as their relationships with food. All these things are playing a part in our aging process and our stress levels, all the way since our childhood and we can actually change a lot of these with the right tools if we feel that they are not serving us. Even for example, if we grow up with parents who smoke, we are more likely to see that as normal behavior and take it on ourselves. If our moms found skin to be important to her, she will likely teach her kids to take care of their skin. So yes DNA, but also just habits and monkey see, monkey do. Being aware of the habits and intentionally changing them as well as healing them within, is the ultimate potion to beauty.

A lot of times, we know that we have bad habits, but we don't actually know why we keep doing them, or how to stop. This is something I can teach you in my private sessions. How to break that cycle once and for all by healing it within the spot it's trapped in, inside the body.

Old Energy Attracts More Old Energy

For example, clinging onto old patters, old beliefs and old relationships that do not suit the new you and the most vibrant and freshest you , will also create an aura of oldness around you, not to mention crabby, bitchy vibes because of your constantly irritated state. New things, new people, new ways of communicating, new ways of loving, we ways of living, and new ways of experiencing keep things fresh and growing. The more you grow, the younger you look and feel!

Spiritually Slow Down Aging

But here's the thing, eventually we need to accept that aging is inevitable and the second you think you need to run away from it or chase your youth, now your just working against yourself. The more we can welcome things into our lives, and the more we can feel so full and compete in our families and love lives, the more we will be able to accept the lines on our faces, the little freckles on our hands and whatever else shows up as time passes. The crazy thing to go with that , is that the faster we accept it, the more the aging slows down because we are essentially not focused on it or stressed about it. Anything that you chase will run away from you, therefore running after youth, literally makes you look old. It's kind of like when you see someone who is still wearing her exact same wardrobe from 30 years ago, it actually makes her age that more obvious. No shade if that's how you wan dress, you just do you!

When I am working on myself and tapping to my most youthful self, I actually go into my cells and body and I can naturally and spiritually start reorganizing my collagen and revitalizing my cells. I can run medicine through my face and my wrinkles to heal and detoxify anything that's wreaking havock on my immune system and my inner glow. If that's something you want to learn how to do as well, you can always book one of my private sessions where we remove anything in the way of you being your most thriving and fresh self, both internally and externally. We will also channel all the physical routines and products that will be the best for your specific beauty journey.

The more you are present, the younger you will look because your working WITH time and not against it. Your not fighting it , running away from it or chasing it. You are completely in your body and not afraid of what's next.

What Is Spiritual Botox?

So spiritual botox means that we are not in a fight with ourselves and with time. We move through transitions with ease and we know when to be firm and when to be soft. We are in tune with the subtle whispers of our soul and what steps are next, therefore we no longer need big and explosive life lessons which shock us and rattle our nervous systems and bodies, causing them to look and feel old and haggard. The more gentle you are with yourself and the more grace you give yourself and others , the easier it will be on your entire system as a whole. Your going to have wrinkles one day, and a lot of them if you live a long life. So the faster you love yourself, the less they will bother you. That sounds so vanilla and I'm barfing in my mouth a little bit over how soft I'm getting lol, but even I have to admit that it's true.

It's the full on awareness of yourself and the healing of your internal ecosystem. When your insides , your cells, your body, your brain, your hormones, your emotions, your relationships, your environment, and literally everything all around you, is working together and on the same page, that is complete spiritual botox.

Spiritual botox also means that we give ourselves permission to do what the fuck we want. So if we want to add some injections in there (which I do) , we will. We are not looking for permission from anyone or anything to verify that what we are doing is ok. We are not ashamed of our wrinkles, and we do what we want to do and feel called to do with our body and faces in order to feel beautiful, fresh and free.


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