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The fastest way to know your future

A lot of people come to me when they are feeling unclear, insecure, worried, or anxious about their future. They’re looking for advice and seeking to know what’s going to happen. Now, remember, there are always thousands of different scenarios that could pan out depending on your energy, your response to the situation, your communication, and also the other parties involved, which we can’t control. But what we can do is set the situation up for the best-case scenario.

What you want to first ask yourself is


And that’s what you actually want.


The second thing you want to do in order to know the future is observe YOUR possible choices in the scenario because each choice will lead to a different outcome. One of the things I like to do with my clients is ask them their possible next steps they are thinking about taking, and then I will tell them my read on how I see each one going. This way, I am not just telling you what to do; I am actually making you an active participant in your future. Now you'll be in a spot of playing around with your possibilities and seeing where those things can take you. You always can get what you want, it's just a matter of not giving up and continuing to try various avenues when your feeling stuck. You can book your private reading here and we can plan out your path that will take you to the easiest and best result.


Now, it's less about knowing what will happen, and more about deciding what you want to happen and then setting up your conversations, actions, responses, and environment in order to support that. And now what that does is put you in the position to actually create the future you want. You can never get what you want unless you know what that is. Once you know what you want, you reclaim your power and step out of feeling like you're a victim or a slave to your circumstances.

When we’re making decisions out of panic, fear, FOMO, and anxiety, we can’t actually think clearly. We are basing our decisions on worry over what we guess the worst scenario outcome is, which actually manifests exactly what we don’t want. Ideally, we want to make decisions without pressure; we want to make them from a space of trust. By the way, trust does not mean that you know what will happen. Trust means you feel and know that no matter what happens, you will still be okay. So one of the things you can also think about is, okay, if my worst fear happened, what would I do? What plan could I make for that? What that does is it actually disempowers the fear and helps your brain to understand a rational plan. Do the same for the best-case scenario. If the dream result happened, what would you do from there? How would it feel in your body? Who would you tell first? What would you do next?


We’re either making our choices and actions as our ultimate self, or we’re not. And when things just feel really hard, frustrating, and like they’re not fitting—they’re so complicated—that usually means we’re not on the right track and we need to simplify and clean out our energy. Our body has memory. So what that means is that it can be triggered into self-sabotage, which takes us off the path of ease and onto the path of hardship. Those sabotaging energy blocks get stuck inside the body when we go through life and arguments and traumas and we don’t actually heal them; we just move on. We do want to move on, of course, but just because you cut someone out of your life or end a relationship, etc., doesn’t mean it’s cleared from your body and mind. So that’s where I come in with my energy healing. What I help you do is get out of your head (aka self-sabotage) and into your body. I will show you where the energy block is, and we will simply remove it so you can continue on your merry way. I will walk you through the whole thing and actually teach you how to do it on your own as well. We will strengthen your inner voice so that it can be your voice that guides you instead of your sabotaging voice, or the voice of your dad or your ex or whoever else is in your head telling you that you can’t do ABC. Book your session here


My private soul reading sessions are a combo of soul reading and energy healing, depending on what you want. You can do both intertwined or focus on just one. A soul reading means that I will deliver messages to you from your ultimate future self. Imagine like your soul is in front of you and you can ask her whatever you want. We will communicate with her so that you can get to know yourself, what serves you the most, and what will ultimately lead you to your hottest, richest, happiest life. You can book your private soul reading session here.


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