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Celebrity Psychic Reading of Khloe Kardashian & Her Bestie Malika

Some celebrity readings I did for @khloekardashian & @malika and what I see as each of their individual unique gifts they bring to the world

As well as the gift of their friendship.

Because here’s the thing, a lot of people don’t realize what their gifts are, and because it feels normal to them, they don’t give themselves credit for it.

When we actually know what our gifts are (which is the literal specialty of us) we can start to leverage them and use them properly and to our advantage.

And we can build them bigger and stronger , while also adding on more assets and little magical tools to bring abundance and miracles into our lives.

If your interested in booking your own, private and in depth psychic reading, you can get more info them here

With all my love, Tasha

Khloe is the Voice of Truth

Khloe's purpose is to guide herself and others to their TRUE & happiest potential. She feels the highs, and depths of love in ways that most people will never experience in this lifetime. Her spiritual gift is a blessing sent to her by angels, which is the ability to feel TRUE love unconditionally in all it's forms

Her superpower has become the path of positivity, and the ability to see people with transparency, wit and humor. She is currently mastering the skills of pristine clarity and accuracy

She is an empath with the ability to sense the entire lifetime of someone's present and past experiences, even if she doesn't know the details. This takes an incredible amount of strength and trust to handle and hold

Malika is Spiritual CPR

Malika’s gifts are her angel timing and ability to miraculously and effortlessly respond with generosity, kindness, love and respect at the EXACT time you need her. She's like spiritual CPR that breathes life back into you when you need it the most. Her existence feeds air into peoples heart, so they can expand and grow

She has fine tuned her senses to be the perfect dose of medicine, words and support people didn’t know they needed. Her superpower is the ultimate balance of gentle , yet direct communication, pointing out the things she can see and others can not

Her response to emergencies and peoples needs is impeccable and unshakable. She is a tower of trust in times of pain or panic

Khloe & Malika are Donuts & Sprinkles

Khloe and Malika's friendship is like a vanilla glazed donut with rainbow sprinkles, because they both know how to compliment one another without taking over or aggressively bombarding.

Just like a sprinkle donut, they are both big and bold energy, but yet somehow it's never too much, never too sweet and it never gets old. The donut never argues with the sprinkles about who deserves more attention or brings more value

There's a mutual understanding as to what works and what doesn't as well as an intentional sharing of life's ins and outs, and ups and downs

They make time for one another in their schedules, no matter how busy or hectic life gets, as they know how important and beneficial it is for their roots


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