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How to prep for a supermodel photoshoot

Omggggg, I have so many new projects and things underway, sometimes I can't believe I'm juggling it all. Here's a little peek at what I've been up to , in addition to the new book I'm writing as well as some tips I do to prep for a photoshoot

Believe it or not , I don't do much to prep for my shoots, BUT I used to before I was experienced, so here's my words of advice to those who feel they need some help


  1. Google image photoshoot poses & let loose

Look up the vibes you like depending if you want light and airy, dark and moody, lifestyle, editorial or fashion vibes. Take screenshots of your fave photos and bring them to your photographer so they understand the look your going for but don't try to replicate the images. Make them your own and don't be afraid to look dumb. The best photos happen when you push edges and do dumb and crazy shit in front of the camera like dancing, laughing, crazy facial expressions, and candids. Who cares if some look rediculous. That ONE shot you get at the perfect time will make it all worth it .

2. Eat clean before & bring light snacks for during the shoot

I am always eating clean so I never really have to tone or tighten up before a shoot. But back in the day , I used to be much more disciplined . I make sure to et correct portions of food and pair my food groups together so that I can keep my cravings down and my blood sugars stable. This means I am also timing my food in a way that I am constantly eating and my metabolism is burning everything off, including and treats that I have. I teach you how to eat to have an effortless supermodel body , while also travelling, working and being a mom in my "runway ready" program . Everything is personalized to YOU and your own food tastes , family and schedule. You can also view all my workout and nutrition programs here : These teach exactly what I do to have and maintain a hot body.

During the shoot, I bring bananas, cheese, grapes , nuts, power bars, rice cakes and water. mainly because those items are easy to eat without ruining my makeup and lips and they are light without any bloating. It's so easy to get caught up and forget to have snacks and food when I'm in the zone, which leads me to have massive dehydration headaches , so I like to stay on it. Oh yeah, and for breakfast I like to have a smoothie or fruit and granola.

3. Tanned fat looks better then white fat , lol

A spray tan ALWAYS helps you feel skinnier no matter what . I always get the second darkest colour ( I'm half chinese so I'm naturally olive already) and then I go a couple days before so I have time to shower and tone it down if I like. I also get my nails done, but only if I'm getting close ups of my hands while doing beauty photos.

4. Aim for variety & MOVE

You don't need 100 photos of you in the exact same pose with your head slightly a little more to the left. Especially if your posting on social media, the photos will lose leverage as soon as they've been seen a couple times. Bring extra hair ties, jackets, and items to switch up the hair and clothing looks. you should NEVER just stand there like dead energy in one spot with your hand on your lip or lay on the bed with you ass in the air. For all mother of gods sake please don't do that . It's not hot. Roll, be intimate, create moments in front of the camera. Change your smile, change your eyes, open your mouth slightly, smile, be fierce, walk , spin

and do it all in a slightly slower motion then usual. Practice make perfect. Because I'm psychic, while I'm shooting, I channel images that pop up in my mind for pose ideas. Treat the camera like it's a video. Never . stop. moving.

If you want to check out my photoshoots, you can follow me on my IG and check out my page !


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