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What's Your Soul's Purpose?

Dress by : Michael Costello

Okay, so listen here, we all have our human mind, our body, and then our soul. I want you to picture your soul as the angel on your shoulder, and your sabotaging human mind is like the little devil on your shoulder that says, "Haha, let's fuck shit up for fun!"

Now, when we're going about our lives, making decisions, and saying things just to either A) get a rise out of people or B) kiss their ass so they like us, that's the sabotaging mind because both of those things are actually driven by wanting a result from an outside force, instead of just letting our soul be the guide.

So it's our job to get our angel and our devil working together so that we're not in a constant argument or conflict with ourselves. The way we do that is actually just by getting to know each of those sides of us and opening up clear and constant communication with them. We need to know when we're sabotaging and also what our soul is specifically saying or wanting from every person we fuck, every dick we suck, every job we take, every argument we get into, etc. Because when we don't know what our soul is craving from those things, that's how we end up in toxic patterns and cycles of choosing the wrong path, blowing money on the wrong things, arguing over dumb shit, or just being in an overall self-pity party or depression cycle. These are signs that we are not on the right track, (aka not in alignment with your soul's purpose) and with the right amount of healing and work, they can of course, be reversed. Once you've done the healing and let go of the things that are holding you back, that's when shit manifests like rapid fire!

The only problem is when your human mind is stronger than your inner sense (aka your soul), it's very difficult to decipher the difference between "Is this my next calling?" or "Is this just me doing what I know how to do best, which is fucking things up for fun?" which doesn't actually lead to your ultimate happiness, just a moment of satisfaction which eventually fades away. Also, for people who have been through a tremendous amount of shit in their lives, they will have the strongest human minds, which is good but also harder when it comes to wanting to reverse patterns. Often time these types of people will end up manifesting themselves to be physically sick because it's the only thing that will actually soften them into vulnerability, so they don't have the energy to even fight.

This is where I come in because what I can do is get you out of your head and your old patterns, and into your soul's purpose so that you know the exact next actions to take for a really fucking easy, effortless, and HAPPY life. When your in your life's purpose, things are EASY, because they meant to be. When you have to prod, and push, and prove, that means your working against things in your life. Together, we will manifest and attract the dreamiest things in your life that you always knew were possible but were struggling to actually bring in. I will tell you exactly what your soul is saying and wanting, and I will also add in my energy healing into the mix so that we can heal all the ugly damage from your body's memories once and for all. Not to mention, my background is in health and nutrition, so I also have the ability to tell you how all these thoughts and patterns are adding up and flowing into your relationship with food, sex and exercise. BOOK A PRIVATE SESSION HERE OR LEARN MORE IN MY BOOK HERE

We all have different self sabotaging patterns and that looks different for everyone.


  • manifesting overwhelm and shut down

  • random and meaningless sex

  • over or under eating and exercising

  • lashing out or swallowing feelings

  • saying and doing things which you know will have major consequences

  • denying yourself of love

  • alcohol, drugs, etc

  • numbing out and building walls of " I don't give a fuck"

  • needing anger for motivation

  • ghosting or lack of follow through

  • working until exhaustion

The other thing about self-sabotage is that a lot of people know they're doing it but can't get themselves to stop. They know they should stop drinking, be less angry, stick up for themselves more, or engage in fewer random encounters, but they get snagged in the moment. The reason for that is that your mind understands it and acknowledges it, but your body doesn't care. Again, this is another thing I can help you with: getting it out of your body and having your mind on the same page so that you can finally let YOUR SOUL'S PURPOSE be the driving force instead of proving, earning, overworking, or whatever else you're doing in your life that is not actually getting to the root of your complete harmony. Whether you're someone who needs to feel safe softening up a bit or feel safe firming up and channeling more of your inner bitch, that's what we will do: bring those two things into harmony and balance so you can be both soft and firm and on-fucking-fire.

If you liked this blog, and you want to be truly unfuckwithable, BOOK A SESSION WITH ME or GET MY BOOK


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