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Khloe Kardashian Soul Reading

Hi, welcome to my blog! If you don't know me yet, I am a celebrity psychic and soul reader, as well as a best-selling author of the book called "Spiritual Hotness - A Celebrity Psychic's Guide to Becoming Unfuckwithable."

So, let's jump in, and I would love to show you an example of a soul read I did for Khloe Kardashian.

You can also watch my video read here

How it works

The way my gifts work is unique. I act as the communicator and translator for people's souls to their human counterparts. When I speak during a reading, I am channeling their highest and most ultimate future version of themselves. In my readings, I can answer any questions you have about your own soul or even someone else's soul, such as your parents, kids, husband, pets, and friends—whether they are living or have passed on. You can book one of my private readings here. In my readings, you can also interchange my services and include energy healing with them!

Alright, let's get started! The key to having a really amazing reading, is to have really amazing questions. Remember vague Q's get vague answers. Specific Q's get specific answers.

What Khloe Kardashian's soul is saying

When she's stepping into a new energy, embracing a new version of herself (not that she needs to become an entirely new person, in fact, that's the opposite of what she needs), you'll notice some hesitancy within you. She likes things to be predictable. She prefers to set herrself up for success in scenarios and situations because as long as you know what to expect from a person, place, or environment, you always feel capable of handling it.

What Khloe Kardashians next step is?

The next step for her, in loosening up and being able to relax more easily, is to learn that she can expect the best for herself—even though I know this can be challenging. Understand that it's less about figuring out how everything is going to unfold and more about trusting that the lessons she's learned have already been completed. Therefore, they are no longer relevant to her life. We only experience repeated lessons when we haven't been listening, learning, and truly processing the insights they offer.

How to know if your in alignment

Next, I want to emphasize that when someone is their ultimate self, they are in total alignment. Being in total alignment means that their body, mind, and soul are all on the same page. I know this might sound simple, but it's not always as straightforward as it seems. You know those times when you know you shouldn't bang a certain f boy or binge a particular treat, but you do it anyway? That's an example of your body, mind, and soul not being in agreement. It's any time you feel torn or conflicted within yourself.

What I do as a psychic and soul reader is help you get all three of these elements—body, mind, and soul—working together harmoniously. This way, you can avoid self-sabotage and stop working against yourself. Achieving this alignment is key to living an easy, fucking peasey life!

I give lots more tips and spiritual hacks in my book too! You should check it out here! Canadians can purchase my book here

What Khloe Kardashian's mind is saying:

She enjoys strategizing and maintaining order in her life. Having everything organized gives her a sense of control, providing her with a plan and a clear path forward. She likes knowing where to find her shit at any given moment and having designated spots for her belongings. This organization allows her soul to feel as though she's achieving and getting everything exactly as she wants and fuck you to the rest! It serves as a calming and clarifying force in her life, bringing her joy through instant gratification.

When she organizes her physical surroundings, it becomes easier for her to compartmentalize her thoughts. She categorizes her thoughts into different "rooms" in her mind, deciding which ones to open and which ones to keep closed. Her real-life organization serves as a map to her brain, helping her navigate her thoughts more efficiently.

Additionally, the various colors she incorporates into her organizational system excite her. They add vibrancy and energy to her environment, further enhancing her sense of joy and satisfaction.

What Khloe Kardashian's body is saying:

Her body is saying it has a desire for a less aggressive approach to life. She needs to learn to be at peace with not being in control all the time and to refrain from immediately smashing a new goal the moment the old one is achieved. Her body wants her to listen to it in a different way than usual—not just in terms of eating when hungry or sleeping when tired, but in aligning her hormones and specifically her emotions.

Her current method, which has served her well in the past, involves overriding feelings of sadness or deflation by pushing her body to its limits and channeling her strength in that way. She bypasses her emotions, as she dislikes self-pity, and goes straight to building strength. While this approach has worked before, it's time for her to learn to be gentle and caring towards herself which is her new form of challenge.

By doing this and tuning into her emotions, she will teach others to follow. Remember, people treat you the way you treat yourself. If she doesn't pause to listen and acknowledge her own emotions, neither will others. It's safe for her to feel things; she can handle it. Embracing her emotions will actually be a relief and much easier than she anticipates!

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Book your psychic session

If you love the idea of having a personalized reading, you can book a private sessions. During these sessions, you and I will meet on video, face-to-face, allowing you to ask your soul any questions you may have about your next steps in love, life, career, family, or anything else you want to explore. You will walk away with clarity, purpose, and tangible steps to help you become your ultimate future self!

Additionally, during your 60-minute session, you'll have the flexibility to alternate between psychic readings and energy healing to remove blocks, and we can also work on strengthening your own spiritual gifts as well! Book A Session



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