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Private Psychic Party

Gather up your squad to make memories together with a day full of light hearted and laughter filled group readings. These are an exciting blend of entertainment and soulful expression with your closest friends, leaving you uplifted, inspired and spiritualy stimulated. 

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Group Readings 

These psychic parties, are the ultimate way to create your own spiritual retreat, bringing entertainment to stagettes, celebration to birthdays, personal enjoyment to dinner parties or simply just having a day with your friends eating snacks, making memories and learning new things. 

Pull up your panties to get ready for your turn with personalized readings for each person, along with the valuable tips and tricks I will teach you to let your own psychic abilities loose. Group bookings are available in person where topics or teachings can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Gather a minimum of 3, and up to 10 people for an experience that will leave you feeling enlightened, empowered and connected to your soul sisters as we all tune in to learn and hear what our spirit guides have to tell us.

Add A Group Photoshoot

Give everyone the chance to feel like a supermodel by adding a day of dress-up, whether casual, fancy, themed or co-ordinated, Tasha will assist you in striking hot poses or capturing candid moments so we can creating a timeless documentation of your night.

This shoot will bring positive energy, personal growth and self-expression so you can celebrate your unique journeys and bond with your besties. Don't miss this opportunity to shine like the stars you are and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Prices Available Upon Request HERE

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