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Psychic Healing

Tasha's signature miracle sessions, are like spiritual botox for your soul, where together you will channel your future self at the most youthful, happiest and healthiest state. You will learn to bring that version of you into today, by receiving intuitive guidance on your next path to take for creating your very own "stairway to heaven" where every day is a miracle and all your wishes come true.


Private 1:1 Hourly Sessions

In these exclusive sessions, you will receive the personalized psychic guidance and clarity you desire on any topic. Whether you're seeking insights into your love life, sex, career, body, family or weight loss, you have the flexibility to interchange any of Tasha's services within this hour.

Your Spiritual Gifts

Learn how to become your own psychic so you get better at seeing things ahead of time and understanding your spiritual gifts. Learn psychic tools to clearly see your souls next steps. Communicate with your guides to assist you in healing yourself and others, so that you can thrive in your relationships, career and body. Leverage your IT factor at the perfect time to get exactly what you want but even better.

Family, Friendships & Soulmates

Guidance on healing anything in the way of your communication with family and your own unique way of spiritual parenting. Create healthy chemistry with honest, pure & trustworthy partners who prioritize your relationship above all else. Use your intuition to understand others, change your responses, and master easy compatibility for relationship breakthroughs without blow ups. Reclaim yourself as whole so you can experience all the belly laughs and light hearted joy you deserve.

Health, Nutrition & Weight Loss

Intuitively access the spiritual reasons for your injuries , illness or weight gain so that you can heal and balancing it from within. Learn how to move energy out of your body, so you can let go of pain and extra pounds. Access your own intuitive eating plan and nourish exactly what your body needs to thrive. Together, we will decode the messages your body and soul are desperately trying to speak to you!

Career & Finances


Identify your souls next big steps and financial moves. Let go of toxic spending habits, debt and overhead to attract more cash into your life. Diversify your portfolio, explore new industries and create ongoing income streams. Stay ahead of the game with intuitive strategies that effortlessly guide you exactly where you want to be. 

Single Session

1 x 60 min session


Silver Package

3 x 60 min sessions


Platinum Package

10 x 60 min sessions


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