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Tasha Wall is a hot momma of 2 boys, healer, bestie, and provocateur who is mostly wholesome and sometimes ratchet. She is an internationally published self made supermodel , master psychic and soon to be author who is known to redesign and redefine herself at a consistently rapid pace while expanding her booming empire. Her expertise and programs are continuing to spread worldwide with her ability to bring out the specialness in you and your life. Tasha is passionate about helping you open the doors to your very own specialness in your business, relationships and body so that you can be the newest hot commodity in town.

She is known for revealing the secret messages of your body and soul. With her psychic abilities, she connects the present version of you to the future version of you, so that together, you can build what she calls your very own "stairway to heaven" where every day is a miracle

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Core Values

Tasha's core values are based on what she believes to be the four key pillars to her foundation of building, maintaining and expanding success


We are a globally growing and highly recognized brand that prioritizes healing as the pillar to your body and beauty, while continuing to push edges and set trends. 


To be a consistent and ongoing place for you to perfect your own spiritual beliefs and new practices. Somewhere you can come to be your steamiest and dreamiest self, all while being hysterically inappropriate, snot crying, changing, laughing, learning, eating and letting loose without taking life too seriously. 

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