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The truth behind make up sex and the connection between men & money

I've never been one for makeup sex. Like literally get the fuck away from me if I'm mad at you, and don't even try to insinuate a gesture that implies you can touch me lol. But my friends were talking about it the other day and it got me thinking about how it works energetically and why some people like it. So when I started to tap in, this is what I saw happens.


It basically just intensifies everything. The power and the adrenaline bring out a passion in you. It increases the energy via pressure, which builds and builds and eventually needs to pop. One way we can pop that pressure is by communicating and working through things. Pressure only exists when two energies are working against one another, causing resistance and pushing. Now, sometimes, oddly enough, and I still don’t understand this myself, people will bypass the verbal communication and just start banging even though they’re mad at one another, or maybe partially mad but not totally. So what's happening is they’re overriding the verbal communication with physical connection. OK, so that can work and can pop the pressure for a second, but if you haven't actually resolved the issues, the fight will come up again, and then maybe or maybe not you’ll bang it out again, creating a brand new and toxic pattern. Our body has memory, so it will quite literally create a code inside of you that says sex is the medicine for anger or fighting.

So the argument is that the adrenaline is created during the argument, and then when you have sex, you're releasing the love hormone. Now you're mixing adrenaline with the love hormone, which can feel very intense and also very intoxicating. It can also trick you into thinking the love is stronger, but actually, it's not; it's just mixed with lingering anger. It's important to recognize that not every fight and makeup is toxic because we don't want to hold onto grudges forever. However, here are some top signs you're in a toxic relationship:


1. Constant Criticism and Blame

  • Your partner frequently criticizes you, making you feel inadequate.

  • Blame is often shifted onto you, even for things outside of your control.

2. Manipulation and Control

  • Your partner tries to control your actions, decisions, or relationships with others.

  • They use guilt, fear, or manipulation to get what they want.

3. Emotional Rollercoaster

  • The relationship is characterized by extreme highs and lows, with periods of intense love followed by intense conflict.

  • You feel emotionally drained and unstable due to the constant ups and downs.

4. Fear of Conflict

  • You're afraid to speak up or express your feelings because it might lead to a fight or punishment.

  • You feel like you're walking on eggshells to avoid conflict.

In my exhale program, I teach you how to heal all of these so that you can call in your soulmate or deepen your relationship with your current partner


So you know what the fucked up aftermath of that can be? It will start to create a pattern inside of you, and every time you are craving love and connection, you will actually start to manifest a fight. Because that's what you know works and feels good. Now before you know it, this is why women (and men) end up picking narcissistic partners, so they can constantly be in conflict in hopes of using that conflict to access love.

The high of the love feels stronger when it's after a fight. It can also make the couple feel as if they accomplished something. It's a reward and validation for them that there is still love and passion in the relationship. This can be particularly assuring when they've been triggered during the fight, which could have been causing insecurity, fear of rejection, or feeling alone as well.


Now, fighting starts to feel safe and familiar, and before you know it, you've lost sight of what real love feels like without aggression and conflict. Suddenly, the good times become less frequent, and even a tiny breadcrumb from your partner can feel huge and substantial. It's all a huge scam.

So now, before you know it, your self-esteem will start dwindling as the arguments stay in your mind and all the hurtful things said during those arguments linger. All of a sudden, you find it difficult to even allow yourself to accept support in a healthy and loving way.


This is where the connection between men and money comes in. Because the universe doesn't distinguish between the two all the time; all it recognizes is the vibration of feeling safe. Both money and men are meant to support you in feeling safe and secure. Therefore, they often represent similar feelings, which is where the connection between the two arises.

Usually, people who have patterns of making up and breaking up also tend to have difficulties creating a substantial savings account or maintaining financial stability. If your relationship with men is inconsistent, typically your relationship with money is affected similarly. This can manifest in sudden large bills when you have more money, or periods of excessive spending followed by intense pressure to replenish savings.

The good news is that we can actually heal these patterns with both men and money. We just need to learn to understand ourselves deeply and get out of our heads and into our bodies where our trauma and self sabotage patterns are stuck and blocking both love and money


When you learn to allow yourself to be genuinely supported and feel safe, opening up to real, authentic love instead of self-sabotaging patterns, both your money and your heart will flourish. Living in survival mode because you feel unsupported can affect all aspects of your life. What I teach you how to do is un-mind fuck yourself by letting your body lead the way and talk to you.

In my Exhale program, I will teach you where it all came from and how to make it go away once and for all so that you can call in your soulmate or deepen your relationship with your current partner to the point where you are bringing in more money in your life and having multiple orgasms, as well as a healthy and thriving sex drive. When our sex drive is low, there are so many reasons for that and it doesn't just happen for no reason. It happens because your sex energy is blocked, which again, also happens to be where your money energy. Get more info here

When I healed this in myself, let me tell you, my entire world got rocked in the most amazing way. My business took off, and I no longer felt the constant pressure to work harder and achieve more. In fact, I worked less and earned even more money. My relationship with my husband improved drastically as we stopped having explosive fights. My sex drive returned with a vengeance, and I began to truly desire and appreciate intimacy. I also had my first soul sex experience and my first full-body orgasm, which lasted for hours.

So what you'll get from this program are prerecorded videos and replays where you can progress at your own pace. You'll learn spiritual hacks and healing tools to achieve breakthroughs without resorting to breakups and big fights. Additionally, you'll learn how to align yourself to attract both money and men who truly support you.

Hope you loved this blog beautifuls . If you would like to book a 1:1 session with me, you can also do so here


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