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Using Fashion As Color Therapy

You may not have thought about it , but fashion is a form of color therapy and a way to access different moods and feelings through what we wear.

I want you to think about what colors your currently wearing or attracted to and what each one represent to you.

What feelings do they create inside of you when you picture yourself wearing them?

Now, picture your favorite tones as colored light, and imagine running them through your body , and see what comes up. You can also try adjusting the intensity by picturing them brighter or softer. You can also try breathing them in through all your chakras and see how the feelings change.

Try breathing in light green into your heart, and then try a deep green and see what differences you feel. Then try feeling the color inside your hips and see how that feels.

It brings a whole new meaning to getting dressed in the morning !

In my private healing sessions, you learn all sorts of tools for healing and feeling and using your spiritual gifts in new and exciting ways.


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