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How to Stop Having Nightmares

Last night, I had my very first wet dream, lol. Well, it wasn't literally wet , BUT I did experience a full on orgasm in real life , while sleeping. I felt it rise and then fall back down, just like in real life. However, last week I had a terrible nightmare that was very unpleasant.

So, I wanted to share some tips with you on how to understand your nightmares so that you can stop having them and start having wet dreams instead. They're much more fun. lol

1 . Understand Why They Happen

Both your dreams and your nightmares, are just ways and attempts to have your soul experience new things, without actually experiencing them, so you don't need to freak out and start worrying that someone is cheating on you or your teeth are going to fall out. We all have under lying fears, and our subconscious likes to bring them up in our sleep when in real life we are supressing them. Every single soul is here to learn and experience things, so if your having a nightmare, it's actually a way for you to save yourself from that experience in real life and actually just get the lesson from the dream. We almost want to be thankful for them at times.

2. Our Gifts Work While Sleeping

When we aren't taking advantage of or accessing our own psychic and healing gifts in real life, our body will use them while we're asleep. For example you may feel as if your fighting off shadows and demons in your sleep, which is actually a way for you to heal and work through them. If we are constantly running around life like a rat race, and never stopping to communicate with our souls, ask ourselves what we really want etc, our soul will just start to talk to us when it has the time and space, which in many cases can be in your sleep. If your rational mind is too busy, tired, traumatized or stubborn to listen, your soul has no other choice but to speak to you in the ways it knows how. We can also time travel and lucid dream which is why you may be dreaming so much all night, yet wake up like you havn't gotten any sleep. So one of the ways to reduce your nightmares, is to actively start strengthening your inner healing tools and intuition while your awake so you can have more peaceful sleeps. I can help you with this in my psychic healing sessions, where I will teach you how to tap into , and execute your own special gifts here, . You can also try yoga, angel cards, therapy, nature walks and meditating to start accessing your intuition and quieting your mind. You can check out my guided meditations here

3. Ask Your Angels To Protect & Talk To You

If your having unpleasant dreams, talk to the light and your angels. Ask them to place a huge force field of love and light around you when you sleep. Ask them to prevent anything will ill intention from entering your dreams and to replace it with loving and happy messages. You can also ask them to send you messages. You can ask them for answers to specific things you've been wondering about and you can also ask them to solve problems for you while you sleep. They're there to help you , but you need to communicate with them just like any relationship. Of course you can also try sleeping with crystals beside your bed, while also placing an intention into the crystal and telling it what to do for you. Some sage is good as well.

4. We Pick Up Weird Energies

Often times when we're socializing with new people or travelling to new places, there can be all sorts of weird energy and shadows and negativity lurking around. Picking up bad or creepy energies from rooms or people doesn't necessarily mean they're not good people, it can just mean they're carrying a heaviness with them and also going through their own experiences. A lot of times people aren't even aware of what's sticking onto them. So lets say you're having nightmares, you can talk to the shadows that are visiting you after you've woken up. Ask them what they're trying to tell you, and what it would take for them to transmute into light and leave. You can just tell them to leave or picture pouring pink or white light over them until they disintegrate. Don't be afraid of them or believe their threats and lies, they're just playing games so they can keep existing in your life. None of it is true. Keep pouring light over them again and again with help from your angels as well.

I hope this was all helpful and remember, it's nothing to be afraid of. Every single thing that's happening inside of, and to our body, is medicine guiding us into the next right steps.

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