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Learn how to see the future

Should I do x or Y ???

So being a psychic healer, I find most people come to me for the first time when they are feeling uncertain in love, career, friendship or financial moves. They are usually in between 2 chapters and they need to make a decision, or wait for an outcome. It's during these times where we can get all up in our head and start the spiral of overthinking and going through the worst case scenerios in our minds, driven by fear, worry, overwhelm and a million other stacked emotions which just cause a cluster fuck of un-clarity. It's all just one big distraction from our purpose! Maybe we're afraid to be a controversy, afraid to get hurt again, afraid of how embarrassing it will be if the decision doesn't pan out in our favor . You name it, there's a million different thoughts swirling around and causing anxiety, pressure and disconnect from our own inner voice.

This causes us to respond in one of two ways. We either make compulsive decisions because we can't handle the emotional purgatory, or we completely shut down and don't let people in, going into a hermit mode or numbness. Neither of which are helpful, and they are typically just your same old response to trauma with the same old ending. This prevents us from being able to open new beginnings for ourselves so that we can create our own fairy tale endings.

So here's the thing I like to do, and you can try it on your own as well if your able to get out of your head and into your soul. I help you start a conversation with your soul and I act as the translator between you and her /or him. I help you decipher the difference between your intuition and a spiraling fear so that you can see clearly what lies ahead. Of course I have the ability to see the future, and I will share with you what I see , but I'm actually more concerned on helping you see it for yourself so that you can design the future you actually want with the right moves and the right decisions to get you there in the smoothest way possible. The more your connected to your inner voice, the more sure you will be, the more you will trust, and the easier it will be to transition into new results in your life. I never want anyone to be a slave to my vision, I am happy to give you what I see, but I want to empower you to be able to see it for yourself and become your own psychic. We all have the ability, but just lack the tools. You can get more info on my psychic healing sessions here

How to get a psychic vision of the future

Here's a little psychic activity you can practice as well. Picture yourself in a hallway and there's various doors in the hallway, each one representing a difference choice and decision. There's literally millions of doors and the hallway goes on basically forever . Imagine yourself exploring each door and seeing what's behind it. Know that you can step out and close the door at any time if you don't like what you see. Notice how many doors and options there are, and how many you didn't even see which were actually right in front of you. Notice your feelings as you approach each door. Notice which doors provoke different emotions and notice how your body responds to them. Choose the door that makes you feel the best before you even open it. You can also explore as deep or as surface as you please, walking through the door and looking around. You can also test what it feels like to bring certain people along with you on your journey.

Imagine yourself in the same hallway, except for your holding someone's hand who you love. See how the journey goes with them along side you and how it's different from when your alone. Notice if they make your journey better or worse.

If you have troubles visualizing and you want to be able to tap into your ultimate self and meet her. Your richest, hottest and most thriving self. I recommend you try my guided mediations which will walk you through how to become the future you. You can view them here Because here's the thing, when we are wound up so tightly, nobody ever made a good decision from that spot. We want to make decisions from our souls and not from our fears or even our head. We want to get to a place where our soul and mind can agree, and that sometimes takes negotiation and interviews with oneself. Like I said before, that's what I help you do. Get on the same page as your soul.

If you liked this little activity, also make sure you keep an eye out for my up and coming book. It will include many different spiritual activities for you to practice, as well as personal stories, funny commentary and tons if inappropriate, yet insanely valuable and entertaining knowledge and tools.

If you want to take a little looky-poo around my shop to see if there's any goodies that suit you, I invite you to go shopping here


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