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How to naturally heal your hormones

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Why You Can't Lose Weight

So, this year I recently found myself with this tiny little bit of extra fluff on my body that was irritating me. Not anything someone else would likely notice, but enough to fuck with my mood, piss me off and make my clothes feel tighter then what I would like.

I couldn't figure out WHYYYY everything I would normally do to tighten up my body, was not for the life of me working, and I just knew something was off because the more I would workout and the less I would eat, the fatter I would get. I actually just removed the word fat from my vocabulary and I replaced it with the word JUICY actually. So the JUCIER I would get.

I went to the doctor and I got all the tests done to check everything, and it all came back normal, which was actually a good thing but I knew it was a huge crock of shit, because I could tell that something was clearly not right. I was also feeling tired all the time, like needing a nap multiple times a week and my periods were making me more of a psychopath then normal. lol

So I knew that I was the only one who had the answer, and I for sure knew that I had some sort of hormonal imbalance. So and I started on my own journey to figuring it the fuck out because I am my only advocate for me. Being a psychic healer, I have seen this so many times especially with mystery illnesses and various aches and pains, that when you can't find the answer in google or through your regular doctor, the answer is always inside of YOU

So I started to get really quiet with my intuition. I zoned in on it both softer and sharper then ever before. I used it like it like there was no other choice, and I stayed away from any natural paths and regular doctors. (not that there's anything wrong with those, I just knew it was not the answer)

And day by day, I started to get the answers. I quizzed my body for the truth. I did hours of healing on myself and instead of cutting out food, I started to cut out other toxic things in my life like screen time, overworking and over-doing anything at all. ( I actually go deeper in my podcast which will be coming out soon so stay tuned for that ! )

My guides told me every day what to eat and what to do do for exercise and it was completely different from what I usually would do. And I listened!

Within 6 months, I had healed everything completely and my energy was back to regular , my extra fluff was gone and my psychic channel had gotten even better, and now I know how to channel people's hormones and how to tell what exactly their hormones need for repair in order to lose weight. I did not take a single pill or a single anything . I did it all spiritually.

So, my advice to you is this. You first need to figure out if you have a hormonal issue at all. This definitaly includes menopause.

If your someone who is not losing weight because you feel clueless on what to eat, you are binge eating, you are not exercising consistently, are falling on and off the wagon, then this would not be a hormonal issue, it's more of a self sabotage and emotional eating pattern. If you want help with self sabotage, I recommend my breakthrough wieght loss plateaus masterclass.

If you need a plan that will take away your cravings, and help you stay on track , then you'll want to do my signature Runway Ready program



You know what usually works for your body, you do it to a tee and still nothing works, even though it used to, or maybe just barely any results. This also means that what used to work for you is no longer relevant for your body because it has different needs now


Just because it hasn't been picked up on a blood test, doesn't mean there's not an imbalance. If you know that you don't feel normal, then that's all you need in order to start making changes. A test is a nice confirmation, but you are your own guide and you need to be your own advocate. You also need to push for the root of the solution and make sure your asking all the right questions, not just taking a medication to compensate without exploring other avenues.


Your needing more naps then usual or those crashes are hitting your harder. You feel as if you could sleep for long periods of time, or you actually can't sleep at all even though your SO TIRED, either emotionally or physically.


You think it's normal to just go all the time and you rarely have time to yourself, which you have just adjusted to. Even if you have some time to yourself, your always doing something. There's always music playing, or noise around you and you can't ever silence your mind. Even on days off, your thinking about work. A day off for you would mean working a little less or doing something lighter. It's not normal bitch ! Calm the fuck down and stop.


Literally, this is the most toxic phrase that you could say and basically everyone I know who is burnt out, says the same thing. This means that chaos is your high and your normal. It also means that your soul is purposely creating more chaos for you so that you can further thrive , because that's what you believe is the key to your next level of success. You are relating stress with success which is being patterned into your body and again, creating crossed lines in your hormones.


If your having worse mood swings then usual, this means your either ignoring a lot of issues and sweeping a lot of things under the rug, and so when the blood flow releases, so do all those swept under emotions, OR / AND it means that your hormones are off which is making it more intense then usual. It means your body chemistry has changed and so has many other things, as life is all connected and you have not adjusted to the elements of change. Emotional and physical healing is needed and that may mean more exercise, it may mean less. Everyone is so different depending on what their bodies needs are.


If your hair is falling out, that for sure is related to your nutrition and water intake, and the thing is, that if your stressed out, even though you eat healthy, your not actually spiritually absorbing the nutrients. Your bypassing them! If your puss smells weird, or your skin is breaking out again, more then normal, all this is medicine prompting you into changes that you need to make and it's your job to figure that out.


I find that most people who have been working out for years and years, are the ones who have hormonal issues, especially those who are very strict with their eating or have a habit of under eating and missing meals. Our body adjusts and goes into fat storing mode and old foods and exercises trigger our bodies right back into survival. Especially if your someone who has done a figure competition or been into the body building lifestyle or just generally very fit for a long time. This can still apply to you if your over weight and have always worked out.


Your weight is showing up in ways and places that it normally doesn't show up, or you have cellulite when you typically don't. This is because it's a different type of weight gain and it's also a different type of weight loss, which is why a meal plan and diet just don't work. It's all about your very own intuitive blueprint and accessing the answers through connection and communication with your body.

So if your finding that you have a lot of these signs, the answer is for sure not a strict meal plan or a certain fad diet or way of eating. The answer is inside your body and your mind. This is where, together in my private psychic healing sessions you will walk away with:

Intuitive Hormone Plan

Intuitively identify your personalized hormone needs as far as exact foods, sleep, rest, workouts, and lifestyle changes in order to lose the extra weight and tummy fat naturally and keep it off.

Takeaway Tools:

Learn new psychic healing tools designed to bring your adrenals, thyroid, energy levels, stress response, and metabolism into a synchronized state with your body's natural ecosystem so that you can exercise less and eat more


Your body chemistry and hormones constantly change according to stress, weather, sleep, food, emotions and exercise. You will walk away knowing when to tweak and alter your food and workouts according to your bodies ever changing and daily needs, in order to prevent stagnancy and taking steps backwards

Healing & Channeling:

Identify and heal your specific life factors, foods, relationships and workouts which are causing inflammation and excess fat storage

You can also email me here for questions or to book a time

In the meantime, if you want to try something lower cost, and you want some help tuning into your intuition and what your intuitive exercise and eating plan would be, I actually have my call girl guided meditations that helps you access this, and it even comes with journal prompts so that you can ask yourself all the right questions and reflect .

You can also start today, with some simple and easy steps to start repairing your hormone levels now.


  1. Eliminate as much screen time as possible

Turn your phone actually OFF if you can, and remove social media apps from your phone. Even when and if your not reading or stopping on anything your scrolling through, all those various energies are syncing into your subconscious and causing crossed wires. Your body is taking it all in as information and your brains job is to calculate it all into data as you scroll by a million downloads at once.

2. Work less & play more

Carve out days where you have no schedule and nothing to do. At first you may think your bored out of your mind as you sit there detoxing from your business. Take FULL days off, not just hours or half days. It makes a huge difference. Stop doing anything extra and create a phase that allows you just to coast and do the minimum of what you need to do. You can try just hanging out with friends, with no goal or anything like that in mind. Anything that will get you out of work mode.

3. Meditate or walk

You want to quiet your mind, however some people have trouble doing that so walking feels a lot better to them and can turn into a meditation. Tune in with yourself as you walk and be present in the moment. You can also set an intention for the walk and tell your guides what you want them to help you release.

I hope your found all this so helpful !!! If you want to be able to go deeper into this with personalized healing in order to speed up your results and find your answers faster, you can book a private call with me!

You can also subscribe for specials and exclusive blogs below!

All my love, Tasha


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