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Spiritual Parenting & Communicating with Your Kids Souls

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

My boys are 6 and 8 years old, and I've been teaching them how to communicate with their bodies, souls and angels for many years now. My 8 year old is actually the number one person I go to when I'm wondering about a decision I need advice or a fresh perspective on something.

  1. Kids are the ultimate channel

The thing about kids, is that they don't carry judgements and they see you as your best self. They see "flaws" as neutral and they have a way of simplifying what's right in front of you. They also don't lie, which is why they can get away with insulting you by saying things like "why is your belly so big? or "your tummy is so squishy". One time kai said my boobs were "way down there" lol . Pre breast lift of course. Anyways, when you ask them a question, they will give you the answer without all your blocks! Listen to them because they are the most powerful representation of your own inner voice.

2. All kids have a superpower

Kai said to me the other day, "I can basically tell the future, I have a superpower" and I said to him, "Yes your right you can! Actually everyone can, but only some people get taught how, and that's why your so special. Because your naturally good at it, and you've also been practicing" And Akio told me, in the same night "You can have anything you ask the angels for" He then followed up with "Actually maybe not anything, you can't ask them to make the sky rain money" lol!!

Hearing them say these things, just makes me know how good of a job I'm doing as a mom and spiritually parenting them to understand their own superpowers. Each child is unique in the way that they will express their feelings and channels differently. For example, kai (8yrs old) is a feeler and he speaks a lot in the language of earth, ocean , sky and textures, whereas Akio ( 6yrs old) will speak more in form of animals, pictures and stories. It's our job as parents to ask them the right questions in order to help them start navigating their own senses and if you don't know what questions to ask them, then that's something you should definitely learn. It's such a huge importance in learning how to really understand them, teaching them how to understand themselves and also forming a spiritual bond together. If you want to learn how to bring out both yours and your kids gifts out more, you can book a private session and you can even bring your child with you if you choose. See more info here :

My #1 tip to understanding your child's soul language

Start to notice the things that your child references. Do they talk about feelings more or thoughts? What do they seem to have a special connection with? Animals, sports, nature, friends, school, arts and crafts, music etc. Your looking for the strongest point of connection with them, and building off that. Once you've identified that, you start asking them more questions about it. Remember , the key to finding the answers is to ask the right questions, ask a lot of them, and never stop asking them.

Continued behavioral problems, means their soul is not translating the message

Have you ever noticed a continued pattern that's happening in your kids life or in your household that you just can't get them to stop no matter what consequence or rule you put in place? Well, that's because your only addressing the human and your not going deeper into the soul. And not just their soul, YOURS. Outer changes in routine etc. are definitely wanted and needed, but you need the emotional changes within in order for them to be effective and actually stick. This means, getting deeper to root of WHY and helping your child and YOU heal the blocks inside your body that are preventing the breakthrough. This is especially important when you have sensitive kids. My Kai went through a whole phase where he was stealing, numerous times over and we finally healed it within when I walked him through an entire system for how to break the pattern and understand why he was doing that, along with things he could do to prevent and manage his urges if he ever felt the impulse do do it again. Now he has completely broken the stealing spell, which by the way he got from me, because I used to shoplift as a teen as well. Kids are really just repeating unhealed patterns within ourselves.

I actually have a whole lesson on how to heal and parent sensitive and gifted kids in my KarTASHian Codes program. In it, I teach a portion and then Kai (8yrs old) comes on and demonstrates how to heal inside the bodyas well. It's the perfect thing you can actually watch together with your child if you like. We go over how to gently discipline your kids, how to set boundaries, how to heal kids and how to help them communicate with their bodies as well as release fear, worry and anxiety. It's really special. You can read more here. (Spiritual Parenting is in the Kourtney Codes Module)

I cannot stress the importance of constantly opening up conversations with your kids as often as possible. I actually realized a while back that there's something called passive neglect that blew my mother fuckin mind. This means that the parents are providing everything the child needs to stay alive, like food, water, a bed, clothes, even sports, etc. There really isn't anything wrong that they're doing; it's all about what they're not doing, not saying, and not noticing. I understood a lot of things about myself and my childhood, and basically all the feelings I ever had, after I discovered that.

Our kids are teaching us every day what we need to heal. The reason for their existence is to heal you so that you can evolve and grow. I honestly never knew I was going to be such a champion mom. I don't even care how shameless that brag is because I am so proud of what I give to my family, and it took me a lot of work and self-understanding to really get here.

From overcoming postpartum depression ( see story here) to transforming my body three times over, (see hot body transformation programs here) and gaining and losing the baby weight both times, I'm certainly owning the fact that I'm strong as a mother, and things today are just really easy around here.

All my love, Tasha


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